Shay Mitchell's Food Nail Tutorial Will Convince You To Follow Her Channel If You Aren't Already — PHOTOS

When she's not playing Emily on Pretty Little Liars, the actress is leading a pretty awesome life — and capturing it all on her YouTube channel. Shay Mitchell's beauty tutorials are some of her best videos, and are reason enough to follow her on YouTube. Her most recent one, a junk food-themed nail tutorial really caught my eye. It is so much fun, and perfect for people stuck in a neutral polish rut.

From drugstore makeup hauls to makeup tutorials, Mitchell covers it all on her channel. This time she created some DIY nail art that is perfect for carb-lovers everywhere. With only a few colors used, Mitchell and her friend Steph Stone made five different staple junk foods into a super fun nail look. Each nail is devoted to one of Mitchell's foodie favorites — pizza, hot dogs, french fries, ice cream, and cheeseburgers — and they all look good enough to eat.

What amazed me about this tutorial is how easy it is to achieve. In the picture it looks a bit intimidating, but seeing Stone paint the art step-by-step makes it totally doable. As Mitchell points out, the key to any nail art is patience, and sometimes that's just the hardest part. Just look at how fabulous it can look when you take your time.

How cute are those! All of her beauty tutorials are equally as fabulous as this one, too. She always incorporates her favorite products into her tutorials, which is what makes them so great. Here are a few of her stand-outs that will leave you craving more.

1. Junk Food Nails

Shay Mitchell on YouTube

Because sometimes you just have to wear your love for carbs with pride.

2. Smokey Eye

Shay Mitchell on YouTube

Mitchell's smokey eye is so on-point. She shows us exactly how to get the most dramatic, budge-proof eyeshadow look in this tutorial.

3. Layered Nails

Shay Mitchell on YouTube

Using three different colors, Stone shows viewers how to get a layered, complex nail look in a super simple way.

4. Henna Hand Art

Shay Mitchell on YouTube

Mitchell recreated Rihanna's henna inspired tattoo with the help of artist Deepali Deshpande.

5. Red Lip & Tousled Hair

Shay Mitchell on YouTube

She makes the classic look seem so easy!

Her channel is just too good!

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