Get Ready to Cry for This Super Bowl Ad

Seems, this year, Budweiser wants viewers to use their napkins for more than just hot wings on Super Bowl Sunday. Because not only were we dabbing our eyes during the beer company's first ad — which featured a Clydesdale, puppy, and ;aowigkwhklsfa;dj (sorry, I just collapsed on my computer, overcome with cuteness) — but Budweiser has followed that up with "A Hero's Journey," guaranteed to make you bawl.

The spot centers on Winter Park, Fla., where a town is preparing for the homecoming of Lt. Chuck Nadd, who served overseas in Afghanistan. Lest you think that's tear-worthy enough, consider the fact that the footage is real, having been shot just a few weeks ago, on Jan. 8. The ad comes complete with hugs, more hugs, and even more hugs when an entire town greets Nadd with a parade, and Budweiser salutes his service with the tagline, "Every soldier deserves a hero's welcome." Of course, the ad itself has little to do with beer, but, then again, I'm finding myself eager to drown my tears in a bottle of Budweiser.

This is hardly the first time Budweiser has succeeded by pulling at Super Bowl fans' heartstrings. With several commercials featuring their famous Clydesdales, the company has managed to reduce audiences to puddles, thanks to ads like 2013's "Landslide"-backed spot. (And don't forget the company's now-classic 9/11 remembrance ad, which will have you crying for days.)

But, for now, break out the Kleenex, and watch Budweiser's 2014 ad, and be sure you have an extra box or two.