6 Ways To Spoil Your Pet On Love Your Pet Day

If you have a pet, then chances are, when you hear the words "National Love Your Pet Day," you probably thought the same thing I did — isn't that every day? The obvious answer is, yes, of course! But just like our human friends and family members, our furry (or scaly and aquatic) friends deserve a little extra attention every now and then, too, and Feb. 20 just so happens to be that day.

After all, your pets are there for you no matter what. "In sickness and in health" might be for wedding vows, but when you think about it, your pet makes you that same promise — in far fewer words. From knowing just when you need some company after a long day, to curling up next to you while you watch your latest favorite show, pets are in it for the long haul.

National Pet Day might be coming up quickly, but don't worry, you won't have to scramble for a gift for very long. There are all kinds of amazing gifts for pets, and they go way beyond bones and cat toys. From friendship bracelets for you and your dog — it's a thing! — to glow in the dark food bowls, here are six accessories to pamper your pet with this Love Your Pet Day:

1. The Friendship Collar

Remember when we were little, and everyone wanted the second half of your friendship bracelet? Those days might be over, but the days of matching your best friends are far from gone. The Friendship Collar is a stylish collar for your pup (or even your cat) that comes with a matching bracelet for you. The Friendship Collar takes "Man's Best Friend" to the next level, in the most perfect way possible. And bonus? They're completely vegan, and come in a ton of options — even a gilded gold one, for when you're feeling fancy.

The Mucky Pup Collar, $35, Friendship Collar

2. The Friendship Leash

If you want a gift for your pet that you don't have to wear, the Friendship Leash is a great alternative. There are still plenty of styles, for pampered pups to hipster pups of all shapes and sizes. As if they weren't already excited for their walk, they will be now!

The Hipster Pup Leash, $25, The Friendship Collar

3. The Bunny Bandana

If you thought this National Love Your Pet Day was going to be devoted to cats and dogs alone, never fear! There are actually bandanas made for bunnies! If this fact alone doesn't fill you with joy, I probably can't help you. Just look at that little guy. Your bunny will be ready for a night on the town when you get done with him this Love Your Pet Day.

Blue Bunny Bandana, $8.83, Healthy Nibbles, Etsy

4. The Cat Nap Pillow

Because if cats could leave notes, this is without a doubt what they'd say.

Cat Nap Pillow, $30, The Pineapple Catz, Etsy

5. Glow in the Dark Reptile Food Dish

Just because a lizard or iguana can't cuddle up with you, doesn't mean they don't deserve a little something on Love Your Pet Day. This glow in the dark food bowl is the perfect way to show a little love for your pets of all sizes!

Glow in the Dark Dish, $3.99, Pet Smart

6. Personalized Heart ID Tag

An adorable and personalized tag for your pet, and peace of mind for you, knowing that someone can always bring them home. The perfect token for Love Your Pet Day, for any pet willing to wear a collar.

Personalized ID Tag, $14, Furry Friends ID, Etsy

Image: Pexels