How To Create Faux Bangs To Switch Up Your Look

by Sienna Fantozzi

Celebrities are masters of faux hair. You'll see them on the red carpet with a bob or on the cover of a magazine with bangs and assume they got some major chop, but the next day they're back to their normal hairstyle. It's actually kind of brilliant, because you can switch up your look, or try something out before you undergo a major change. So if you've been contemplating getting bangs, there are actually several ways to create faux bangs without using clip-ins. Seriously, you can get bangs right now. No money or traumatizing haircuts required!

The story of my hair life goes a little something like this: cut side bangs, hate them, grow them out, want them again. The struggle is absolutely real, so trying bangs out before you cut them definitely sounds like a better idea — and it's totally not tacky at all to fake it. You may have noticed Kendall Jenner's faux bangs on her recent W Korea cover, as well as on the Michael Kors runway, and if you're like me, you probably thought they were totally legit. But nope. They were just fake-outs. They looked so real, right?! So she got to change up her look for the day, and go right back to her comfort zone the next. Sounds perfect to me.

JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Promise she doesn't actually have side bangs now. And remember when she did it at the American Music Awards?

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This one was so fierce.

If you want to rock some fringe for a night-out, or are seriously considering cutting some for real, here are a few tutorials that will help you create faux bangs without having to spend any money on hair clip-ins.

Kendall-Inspired Bangs

If you loved Kendall's faux bangs + top knot at the AMA's, this tutorial will help you recreate the look.

Thick & Full Bangs

Create a thick fringe without any scissors or hairpieces.

Bangs With Short Hair

If you have shorter hair (and therefore less to work with), this tutorial will help you create faux bangs without having to use extensions.

Bangs For Curly Hair

Bangs definitely don't require straight hair.

Side Bangs

If you prefer something a little more subtle, try this tutorial to create a side-swept bang.