Here's Where You Can Soak In A Beer Hot Tub

by Kaitlyn Wylde

In what sounds like the day dream of a beer bro, beer hot tubs in Austria are now a thing. Yes, the Austrian brewery Starkenberg has turned one of their fermenting tanks into a hot tub. Because for some beer enthusiasts, drinking it all day isn't enough. But swimming in it, hits the spot. To be fair, the beer does actually have nourishing qualities. For your skin's benefit, the alcohol can remove toxins and clean pores, while the hops, yeast and vitamins are hydrating and rejuvenating. And for your hair, beer can totally amp up the shine and eliminate dandruff. It might not smell amazing, but it definitely has proven benefits that are clear to see.

Oh, and this "brewery" is not some sticky warehouse over-populated by tourists — it's a converted castle nestled into an enchanting forest in the Austrian country side. And their version of the beer hot tub is actually the largest there is — there's room to both swim and soak. And according to the brewers, if warm beer is your thing, you're welcome to drink it, the quality of the soaking beer is as high as the drinking beer from the chilled taps.

For me personally, I'd much prefer to swim in a pool of cheese, chocolate or coffee, but hey, to each his own. Check out some highlights from the breweries promotional video below:

Can You Drink Your Bathwater?

I mean, it wouldn't be great marketing for the brewery if they said their beer wasn't good enough to drink. The alcohol helps to keep it from spreading bacteria, so if you don't mind the bitter taste and the fact that your friends have been soaking in it, go for it! Just yano, keep in mind that the brewery has some better, crisper, cleaner options.

Bring Your Friends

The brewery wants to create a social environment. They encourage you to come with friends and make a day of it. Soak, drink, eat, tour the castle. They don't mind if you sit around all day, in fact they really count on it.

Totally Normal

OK, it's not totally normal, but it's also not as crazy as it sounds. This isn't some buzzword gimmick that the brewery is trying to use to get press. Beer has many proven health benefits, both ingested and applied externally. You're more likely to emerge from a beer hot tub with smoother, brighter skin, and shinier, more voluminous hair than you would an average hot tub. Just drink for thought.

Watch the full video here and expect to spend the rest of your day looking for flights to Austria and/or Gchatting with your friends to figure out if you can make your own beer hot tub. (Spoiler alert: you can't.)

Images: YouTube