9 Unexpected Ways To Repurpose Everyday Items

Home decoration — and even home organization — can get kind of pricey when it requires the purchase of new items. And this is especially tragic when we consider the fact that there are tons of ways to reuse commonly thrown away objects; it often just requires a little creative thinking and a few basic tools.

I'm not an especially crafty person myself, nor do I come from a family where anyone is especially big on the whole DIY craze. This means that my first thought when I used to see someone else's amazing DIY creation was usually something along the lines of, 'Yeah, but if I tried that it would look terrible."

However, I live with a pretty crafty roommate (the kind of person who keeps a hot glue gun around just because) and if I've learned anything from her in the last six years, it's that a lot of DIY stuff genuinely isn't as hard as it seems. Not only that, but it usually takes a couple tries to get something perfect, so you actually shouldn't be discouraged if the first round doesn't go as planned (just make sure you have extra materials).

So in the spirit of saving a little money and getting the satisfaction of knowing you recycled, here are nine creative ways to repurpose everyday household objects.

1. Rake Hooks

Wrought Iron Old Rake Hook, $9.95, Ebay.com

Using an old iron rake for a coat or accessory hook makes for an awesome rustic home accent, and also is a great way to get rid of something you or your parents likely seldom ever use. And if you love the look, but don't actually have an old rake, you can definitely find them on eBay (and i know — it's not technically reusing something you already have ... but it's reusing something somebody has).

2. Glass Jar Tea Light Holders

These are crazy easy and look so incredibly cute. And you absolutely don't need a mason jar. I've repurposed old jam and mustard jars for the same use and they honestly looks just as nice in their own way.

3. Wine Bottle Lights

Wine bottle lights require a power drill and some patience, but if you have both of those then they're well worth it. And anyone who visits your home will be wildly impressed since they are so incredibly unique.

4. Frames For Accessory Hooks

This is a DIY project I came across recently that I'm dying to try. Not only does it look super easy, but it creates a functional and aesthetically pleasing place to keep your jewelry and accessories (and I'm all for utilizing wall space for storage in order to save space in other places).

5. Ketchup Bottles For Perfect Pancakes

I love this tip! It's one of those things that is so, incredibly simple and obvious, yet i never had thought to do it until I saw it mentioned on YouTube. Just keep an empty, washed out ketchup bottle in a drawer or cabinet for when needed, and prepare yourself for the most perfect pancakes of your life.

6. Tissues Box As A Paper Bag Dispenser

This is a great tip for organizing that mass of untamed plastic bags under your sink. Plus, you'll save a lot of fumbling time in the long run, since the bags already will be untangled and ready to go.

7. Old Shoe Boxes As Decorative Organizers

OK, this video from DIYer Sincerely Shan may seem a little complicated, but the good news is it just uses old shoe boxes, so if you don't get it right the first time just grab another! I particularly like using this idea for basic but necessary storage for things like nail polish and extra office supplies.

8. Sponge Holders/Containers From Empty Shampoo Bottles

This is a crazy easy way to reuse something we literally all have pretty regularly — old shampoo bottles. Just make sure you have some sand paper to make the edges nice and smooth, and definitely grab some fabric if you don't want your DIY containers to look like, well, shampoo bottles.

9. Wine Bottle Flower Vase

Wine bottles are a super pretty alternative to regular flower vases — especially because they can come in super unique shapes and colors. However, if you want to go a step further and decorate yours, Ingrid Nilson has a great tutorial in minute 1:50 of the above video.

Repurposing old household objects not only often saves you money, but it can result in some super awesome home accents that genuinely look as cool as anything you'd find in a store. Plus, you get the satisfaction of making something for yourself. What's not to love?