7 Strobing Makeup Before & Afters

by Emily McClure

It's time to shine the spotlight back on strobing. Even though this makeup trend has been around for some time, it's great way to change up your beauty routine. Plus, the look is simply stunning! There are a variety of ways to create this type of dewy skin (either with cream or powder products), so it's perfect for those who want to experiment a bit more with their makeup collection. Also, the trend is universally flattering. Seriously, strobing looks good on any skin tone. It's all about bringing your favorite features to light.

When it comes to strobing, it's all about proper placement. You mainly want to focus on the cheekbones, nose, and underneath the eyebrow when you're looking to achieve the ultimate glow. However, if you're daring enough, you can amp up this trend even further by placing the highlighter on your forehead, cupid's bow, and chin. Just be sure to avoid caking on the glitter as it can turn your skin from glowingly chic to a greasy discoball. With that said, this trend is one that's hard to beat. Who doesn't want to look like a stunning angel filled with light and joy? It's basically a dream come true (for me, at least). Wondering just how transformative this makeup trend can be? Here are seven before and afters of real women strobing.

1. Smashin Beauty

Look how gorgeous this highlighted glow is! See how she creates this glow below.

2. Leyla Rose

Glow baby, glow!

3. Kalei Lagunero

The glow never bothered me, anyway.

4. Meera Meme P

Fame, fortune, and highlighters is all a girl ever needs.

5. Chanel Boateng

That glow is so bright she needs sunglasses.

6. MsRoshPosh

Wait, this is real? A person can look this good? #Jealousy

7. Arna Alayne

Shine bright like a diamond, indeed.

See? No matter what your skin tone, everyone looks good a bit of extra highlighter. So, go ahead, and get glowing.

Images: Kalei Lagunero/YouTube