Jackson Is Coming Back To Stars Hollow

Is there such a thing as a Jackson without a Sookie? Certainly not anymore. And yet the news that Jackson will be in the Gilmore Girls revival is a cause for both excitement and nervousness for fans for the sheer fact that Sookie won't be in the revival. Jackson and Sookie are married with three children in a post-Gilmore Girls world, so with Jackson Douglas signed on and Melissa McCarthy not, there seems to be only two ways in which this thing can go. Either Jackson and Sookie are still married, but Sookie is elsewhere for some very good reason that Amy Sherman-Palladino will write in — or Jackson and Sookie are divorced and Jackson is searching for new love in these four episodes. Which, in the case of the latter, can I get a big, "UM. NO?"

Gilmore Girls News might hold some clues here. A set photo of Sookie's house shows a Union Jack hanging from it, aka the national flag of the United Kingdom. This could mean that we'll be dealing with the first theory: that Jackson and Sookie are still married, but that the family relocated to England for some reason. Or perhaps only Sookie relocated to England, for something chef-related. After all, we have no idea exactly how many of the four episodes Douglas has signed up for, so it could be that he only makes a cameo appearance in one, back home from England without Sookie because she wanted to stay with the kids.

It just seems impossible for me to conceive that anything in this world could break Jackson and Sookie up, not just because they have children together, but because they had such a steady and beautiful relationship. (Especially when you compared it to the tumultuous love lives of the Gilmore girls.) Sookie and Jackson have to be OK so I can continue to believe in true love, you guys. Even if Sookie won't be on the revival, I hope every single mention of her is a mention of how happy and in love she and Jackson are and still continue to be. Otherwise, what is the point? (OK, the point is getting Rory and Jess back together. I mean. What?)

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy