How To Tell If Your Lipstick Is Expired

If you're anything like me, lipstick is one of the products you only pull out on very, very special occasions. But if you think you've waited too long to use it up and are asking yourself, "does lipstick expire" and wondering if it's still safe to use, I've got the answer for you. Heads up though, it might not be what you want to hear.

Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg laid out the details with Huffington Post and advised that two years is really the maximum amount of time you should be holding onto lipstick. Farewell, untouched red rouge...

To tell if your lipstick needs to be tossed before reaching the two year mark, there are certain red flags. Greenberg listed the things you should look out for, saying, "Change in color, texture or smell are all big warning signs that your lipstick has expired." Additionally, cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer told Allure, "Since they're repeatedly exposed to the mouth area, [replace lipstick] if you've recently been sick." Wise words.

If your lipstick hasn't gone bad yet, there are several things you can do right now to prevent having to toss it prematurely. With these simple tricks, you can extend the shelf life and hopefully reach the two year mark.

1. Keep Lipstick Clean

Rubbing Alcohol, $6.99, Amazon

Greenberg recommended cleaning your lipstick after each use. "Clean them off, wipe them off, spray them with a little bit of alcohol just to keep them sanitized."

2. Store Your Lipstick Tubes In The Fridge

Keeping your lipsticks in a cool dry spot like the top of your fridge can prolong their shelf life and, to state the obvious, prevent them from melting inside your bag. #Praise

3. Bring An Ice Pack

Reusable Cooling Packs, $14.99, IceWraps

Instead of tossing your lipstick in your bag, put it in your lunch box with a cooler so you avoid any melting. Because unfortunately, once it becomes liquid, the chemical composition has changed and there's no turning back!

Images: Kaboompics/Pexels; Fotolia; Courtesy of Brands