Arya Stark Is 'GoT's Most Relatable Character

by Loretta Donelan

Out of all the characters on Game of Thrones, Arya Stark might be the most relatable. She's the youngest, she's trapped in traditional gender roles, she rarely murders anyone. Sure, there are a lot of unrealistic things about her storyline — and about the entire series in general, because, you know, it involves dragons — but in a lot of ways, Arya seems like one of the most modern characters on the series, and most able to sum up any average gal's life.

Obviously and hopefully, most of us don't actually have similar lives to Arya Stark's. The youngest Stark daughter has been through quite a lot since the series first began. She started as an 11-year-old with good hair, and she'll be 16 going into Season 6 — still with good hair, but now with 100 percent less sight and 100 percent more emotional trauma. Few of us can say the same, but there's something highly relatable about the innocent, funny, principled way that Arya approaches the world. Also, she's played by Maisie Williams, who is generally great and has an amazing social media presence. From facial expressions that say more than words to wry comebacks to moments of vulnerability, here are 13 times when Arya Stark perfectly summed up your life.

When You Try To Pretend You're Chill When You're Not

Unlike many of the adults on Game of Thrones, Arya hasn't quite mastered hiding her emotions and lying. Even if the rest of us think we're playing it cool all the time, we're probably not.

When You See Your Favorite Person

I wish Arya and Jon Snow got to spend more time together; they had such a nice relationship.

When Some Guy Thinks He's Doing Favors By Being Chivalrous

And you're like, is it really something you're doing out of respect of kindness if I don't want it? I can open doors for myself, thank you very much.

When You Try To Pretend You're An Adult

Arya trying to be chill about having a sword is the rest of us filling out tax forms or networking at happy hour.

When You're Trying To Shock People Because You're Bored

I wish I could say I haven't seen the look on Sansa's face from someone I'm talking to at a party.

When You See A Dog

Any dog.

When You Know You Killed It

Figuratively, in the real world.

When You Lose Your Temper

Arya, like many of the rest of us, often loses control and expresses herself in slightly incoherent, awesome ways.

When You Haven't Lost Your Temper, You Just Really Don't Like Someone

And you finally get around to expressing yourself in a way that's really mean but also calm, which makes it extra scary.

When Your Sister's Into Some Horrible Guy

So you hit him with a sword.

When You Don't Catch Whatever Was Thrown At You

"Next week, you will catch it."

When You're Out In Public And Just Want To Go Home

Arya knows the struggle of having to wear a dress and look nice and talk to people you don't care about.

Arya Stark, never change.

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