'How I Met Your Mother' Spin-off Details

The show may be airing its final episode on March 31, but there are new details on a How I Met Your Mother spin-off called How I Met Your Dad. Sounds... legendary. Well, I sure as hell hope it will be, since I will need something to fill my 25-minute catchphrase-filled rom-com void.

So, here's the gist of it: we have Sally, our the lady version of Ted, who according to E! Online sounds like a spunky mess who won't grow up. A "Peter Pan" of sorts. She has zero direction and doesn't know what she wants in life. Ted's passion in life was finding a future baby mama but the big twist here, though, is that Sally is married — [cue live audience gasp!] — and her husband, whose name is Gavin, is probably not the future father of her kids. Is this a counterpoint to the original series?

Also, Sally's got a perennial party-girl best friend, fashion-blogger Juliet (Barney with a Y chromosome, perhaps?), who thinks Gavin's too blah for her BFF's quirkiness, and a type-A gay brother Danny, who is an overachieving lawyer. Danny's married to Todd, a warm and friendly guy, who is one of Sally's friends from college. Does it sound like Danny and Todd are the Lily and Marshall of the group? Look no further for more evidence of that parallel — Sally moves in with them. And, of course, we have the hot-but-not-crush: Frank, an IT guy who works with Juliet. He pines for Sally, who apparently won't be flirting back... for now.

And lastly, there will be a Bob Saget-style narrator, telling her kids, how she... you know, met their dad.

No word has been released yet about potential casting but my only hope is that there is the male equivalent of Robin Sparkles. I NEED a masculine "Let's Go To The Mall!" and more pseudo-Canadian pop stars in my life.