You Might Be Making These Deodorant Mistakes

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The premise of deodorant seems simple — you put it on underneath your arms, and you are officially protected from body odor. However, if you have sensitive skin or over active sweat glands, you know that there is plenty of room for error when it comes to deodorant. In fact, there are plenty of deodorant mistakes you might be making without even knowing it.

Especially now that spring is on the horizon, it's important to use deodorant the right way to keep smelling fresh as the temperatures rise. Body odor is cute on no one. If you've ever wondered if your deodorant is working properly, or if you've ever subtly tried to smell your armpits without anyone noticing (everyone has done this, just admit it) there is probably a tip here for you that will make you more confident in your deodorant's effectiveness, so you can go about your life not worrying about keeping your arms down while trying to balance on the subway.

So keep reading to determine if you are making any of these deodorant mistakes, you can thank me later. I've also worked in a tip for getting deodorant out of your clothes in a pinch, in case that's something you struggle with, much like myself.

1. Not Knowing The Difference Between Deodorant & Antiperspirant

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If you sweat a bunch, you might want to consider using an antiperspirant instead of a deodorant. Antiperspirants stop you from sweating, whereas deodorants just mask the scent. If it seems like you sweat more than the average person, a deodorant may not cut it for you.

2. Only Using It On Your Underarms

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While the obvious use for deodorant is underneath your arms, it can also be used in a variety of other places during the hot summers months, like behind your knees, or, more importantly, on your inner thighs to help prevent chaffing. Brilliant.

3. Putting It On Immediately After Shaving

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After shaving, your skin is often irritated and more sensitive. Putting deodorant on immediately after shaving might sting a little bit, so it's best to wait a bit before applying deodorant to your freshly shaved skin.

4. Putting It On After You've Started Sweating

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Obviously you can apply deodorant after you've started sweating, but sometimes, it might be too late to mask your natural scent. If you apply right after you get out of the shower, you can safely assume that you'll be protected from sweat.

5. Wearing Too Much

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On the other hand, you can wear too much deodorant. If you keep caking it on, it will eventually backfire. Just one or two swipes is more than enough.

6. Choosing An Aggressive Scent

Your body wash, shampoo, perfume, everything has a scent these days, so you want a deodorant that complements those scents, rather than aggressively competing with it.

7. Not Knowing How To Get It Off Clothes

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OK, this isn't really a mistake, but I have a little tip for you. If you get white deodorant on your clothes (which I seem to do on a daily basis), you can easily get it out by rubbing it gently with a pair of tights or stockings. The nylon completely removes it. I swear I use my tights more for that purpose than I ever wear them.

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