Your Cat is Judging You For These Human Habits

by Arielle Dachille

Topping the list of "reasons why cats are the best" is the fact its approval is not easily won. This should come as no surprise when you stop and think about all the annoying habits that humans have. The phrase "pet peeve" is typically applied to people having problems with stuff, but there are plenty of human habits that your cat hates that are more deserving of this title. I'm just being honest.

Just to name a few of those habits... When you shoo him away from electronics, when you don't feed him exactly on time, when you attempt to give him unwanted affection. We totally understand that when it comes to some of these things, you're entirely powerless to resist. I mean, how are you NOT supposed to gush and squeeze the fun out of that furry lil' face every time you see it? The cuteness is just too much to handle! However, when it comes to other things — cat-breading for instance — you might wanna control yourself.

Nothing against you homo sapiens, but we're taking the cat's side on this one. We've partnered with Truth to bring you a list of things people do that annoy cats to no end.

1. Hogging The Computer

Your cat loves to nap, tread upon, and be in the general vicinity of your warm laptop. But like any selfish human, you don’t like to share.

2. Attempting Unwanted Physical Contact

Cats enjoy affection. They just want it on their own terms.

3. Baby Talk

As a dignified creature, your cat doesn't appreciate the infantilizing baby talk you insist on using with him. Have some respect.

4. When You Insist On Playing The Laser Pointer Game

Cruel human that you are, you've obviously subjected your cat to the futile struggle that is the laser pointer game. They see what you're doing.

5. Putting Bread On Their Faces


6. When You Leave Dirty Dishes On The Table

Your cat is an agent of vigilante justice whose quest is to return all table-dwelling objects to their rightful place — the ground.

7. Your Terrible Grooming Habits

Compared to your cat, a creature that takes many tiny baths a day, your own personal hygiene is pitiful.

8. When You Bring Home An Unwanted Guest

The fact your cat hides under the furniture whenever your friends come over shouldn't be misinterpreted. So next time you're thinking of bringing home an unannounced stranger, be a good roommate and announce your guest to your cats.

9. Smoking

Secondhand smoke doesn't just affect people, it affects our furry friends, too. Research shows that cats are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes. And without your cats, where would all our joy and viral videos come from? Nowhere, that's where. For the sake of preventing #CATmageddon, remember that fact.

This post is in partnership with truth.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy (9)