Is Beyonce Posting Too Much On Instagram?

Well, it looks like Beyonce's gone nuts on Instagram. Queen B, never one to shy away from the selfie, the promo, or the vegan plug, is sharing even more with you. Lady sure loves her social media! I share pictures of things I find in Williams Sonoma because I'm a closet domestic who cries in the store but Bey shares all. Let's take a look at some of the stuff she's recently shared.

Most importantly, it looks like she's taken to another #22daysvegan challenge, which she kicked off on Wednesday with the very-appropriately named 22 Bar. (Side note — I tried one of these when Whole Foods sampled them in bulk, and I'm never one to turn down a free snack, and while they weren't horrific, I'm not all, "let's eat 22 days of these BARS!") Anyway, it's apparently the PB + Choc Chip Nirvana (you tell me if a protein bar, no matter how good it is, has ever tasted like a moment Buddha poured into your mouth) and instead of, you know, eating the bar as a bar, Bey put bananas on top.

Am I over-analyzing a star's protein-bar eating habits? Yes, because it's making me QUESTION MY LIFE CHOICES. Have I been eating protein bars wrong all along? Should I dip my Clif Bars in peanut butter? I FEEL SO ASHAMED.

But there are things that are more important than the well of shame that I'm plunging into, let's take a moment to recognize that we're about to be privy to a whole 22 days of veganism. (But, you know, she's kind of a goddess, too, so anticipate some healthy meal inspirations.)

Not one to be surpassed, her #throwbackthursday photo put all of your baby photos to shame (like, were you that cute of a baby?), which followed her ubiquitous bed selfies. She wakes up just like that, and wants to give you an inside look into her life. Why, yes, she's flawless, and why, yes, just like you, she sleeps in a bed. And right next to those hey, this is me in the morning! photos are a slew (and yes, a literal slew) of model shots showing off her insanely hot body, which apparently takes #22daysvegan to achieve.

So, we've got this lovely paradox of — I'm just like you! I eat food and go to the airport and eat protein bars and wake up! and then five shots a night of showing off how gorgeous she is: I am a goddess, I am flawless, and look at all of these pictures of my perfectly toned body and scenic utopia. Yes, Beyonce's super talented and super hot, but I'm in this conundrum where I don't need to be reminded of how triple-x sexxxy she is all of the time, but I don't need bed selfies, either.

It's a tough call, and James Franco eloquently wrote a piece of ART in The New York Times last month in defense of the selfie, because what do we really want to see celebrities post? We don't want them to post what the paparazzi selected and editorially conglomerated, but when the celeb him or herself is the editor — what do we want to really see when we're looking through Bey's, ahem, pardon the pun, filter? Instagram's a big peek inside someone's life, and poses the question: what does this celebrity (or, uh, publicist, I guess), want you to see or think about him or her?

In this case, Beyonce wants us to know she's hot and sexy and currently, vegan. If that's not your bag, an unfollow might be in order. Can't lie, though, this was a pretty good #tbt.

Images: Beyonce/Instagram