Katy Perry Hits 50 Million Twitter Followers

Hear her roar, indeed! Katy Perry just hit 50 million Twitter followers, which means she's freakin' huge. I mean, we knew that she's a pop dynamo, and that her musical basically was made to empower women as they sweat through spin classes, but people want to hear what the force behind Prism has to say (well, as long as it's under 160 characters).

Back in November, she topped Justin Bieber as the most followed artist on the social media network. Prior to that, she knocked over Lady Gaga, who now sits with the bronze medal as the third most-followed musical artist.

But it's bigger than just the music industry — the resident teenage dream is now the first person in the history of ever (or, uh, Twitter) to have more than 50 million followers. She has more followers than The President of The United States (who, by the way, is the third most-followed person, with 41,219,748 followers, which just knocks Gaga to fourth place with her total of 41,025,492). Remember back in the day when it was a huge deal that Gaga hit 20 million followers? That's tiny compared to now!

Plus, her Twitter account is pretty fun to read. It features shout-outs, thank yous (like to Madonna for letting her curate Art for Freedom), promotions, Vin Diesel references (which are very important), and some average-gal stuff, like how she made a sandwich on a Friday night. She even tweeted her social media accomplishment this morning:

So, yeah, the entire Internet can hear her roar. Well, the 50,000,000 plus that are following her can — and it's likely that that number will just continue to grow. This girl is unstoppable!