Angelina's First Oscars Dress Was Pretty Something

In celebration of the 88th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 28, I thought it only appropriate to take a look back at Red Carpet Queen Angelina Jolie’s first ever walk down the Oscars red aisle. Being the star that she is, Angelina Jolie’s 1986 Oscars dress stole the spotlight. The then 11-year-old actor attended her first Academy Awards ceremony in support of her father Jon Voight.

The adorable and super-sweet Jolie was dressed to '80s perfection in a Madonna-esque pastel gown with ruffled lace sleeves and fingerless gloves to match. To top off her '80s chic look, Jolie wore multiple strands of pearls and sported a back-combed cowlick hairstyle similar to that of DJ Tanner in Full House. Needless to say, Jolie was the epitome of '80s style, and most likely the envy of all the girls at school.

While Jolie’s current red carpet style is quite sophisticated, she has never been one to shy away from trends. From her sky-high slit moment at the Oscars in 2012 to her emerald green sequin dress at the 2011 Golden Globes to her unforgettable Morticia Addams-inspired Oscars outfit in 2000, it's apparent that Jolie likes to take fashion risks. And now we know that she was doing so from a very early age. If you are just as intrigued by little Jolie’s style as I am, scroll down to get a closer look at her oh-so-'80s outfit.

Fotos International/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Although Jolie was only 11 at the time, her dress and demeanor were on-point, perhaps unsurprising considering the remarkable woman that she is today. Little did she know that she would be attending the same event 14 years later, where she would win an Oscar of her very own.

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It's quite evident that the Jolie-Pitt children take after their mom, as their red carpet style is always on-point as well. It looks to me like style starts early in this family.

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Jolie's 1986 Oscars getup might just be her most playful red carpet ensemble ever. Although I don't see her going back to '80s-inspired silhouettes on the red carpet anytime soon, it's nice to see a more whimsical side to the ever-elegant and talented actor.

Here's hoping Jolie brings her kids to the Oscars in the near future so we can get all the sartorial inspo, all the time.

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