Renee Fleming Sings National Anthem Like a Pro

Some were confused about the NFL's choice of National Anthem troubadour, but a New Jersey native has shown that professional opera singers fit the bill. Renee Fleming's National Anthem at the 2014 Super Bowl was fantastic and flawless. Her professional approach to the song made her performance powerful and polished, just like all of the killer operas she has crushed in the past. Classical ladies in the house say "aaaaaahria."

Even though the football world thinks Fleming is a rookie, she has won four Best Classical Vocal Solo Grammys, having been nominated seven times. Compared to her performance of Poemes, we're sure that the Star-Spangled Banner was a piece of red-white-and-blue cake. Fleming looked elegant, sang like a dove, and generally showed that classical music brings a certain gravitas to any event, even if it involves a battle between cities where pot is king.

That last note may have cracked our solo cups, but she didn't forget the words, and she clearly wasn't lip syncing. And that cape-wrap dress ensemble was SO fetch.

Who knows, Renee's classy delivery might even beat the crazed pairing at halftime. Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, it's your move.

Watch Renee Fleming's 2014 Super Bowl National Anthem performance:

Video to come!

Tom Pennington/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images