How to Recreate Your Younger Sister's Adolescent Glow

The charm of the younger sister is somewhat intangible. It's part youth, part lack of stress, and part the crazed confidence of being the baby of the family. Your younger sister's unlined brow and perfectly flushed cheeks is nothing of which to be jealous, though: With a little makeup (and a quick sprint around the playground), you can steal her look and her oomph.

Step 1: Embrace your skin: A younger sister has fresh, dewy, imperfect skin. She might have a blemish or two around her hairline, but that's okay, because she doesn't even know what benzoyl peroxide is yet. Give yourself a brisk facial massage while cleansing, then pat in moisturizer until your face glows. Today, you're skipping the caked-on foundation.

Step 2: Enhance your eyes: The trick is to look like you're wearing absolutely nothing but those baby blues — at least in the eye area. Brush a neutral powder over each lid, and dab white eyeliner in the corner of each inner eye. Apply mascara only to the paler tips of your lashes and delicately fill in your brows, if necessary.

Step 3: Fake going outside: Your younger sister probably spends much of her day frolicking on the beach, hanging upside down from trees, or squealing over Facebook drama. Steal her playdate glow by brushing a subtle bronzer on your cheeks, forehead, chin, and down the bridge of your nose. Don't forget to buff a little foundation over the bronzer after applying to guarantee that the glow looks natural. Want to really embrace the look? Fake a few freckles on and around your nose with a pale brown eyeliner.

Step 4: Yep, time for beach hair: Hope you're not sick of the phrase “beachy waves” yet, because they're an integral part of the younger sister look, though your mom might call them “tangles from hell.” Reinterpret those knotted locks in a grownup fashion by working a little texturizing cream into damp hair, allowing to air dry, and then attacking with one of the many beach sprays available. Not buoyant enough? Use a curling iron to create big, imperfect curls. Allow to cool, spray with hairspray, then gently shake loose with your fingers.

Step 5: Wreck it: Ready to fully embrace the lure of the younger sister? It's time to undo all your careful work. Set down the tote bag, close the laptop, and take a joyous run around the yard, yelling out your lungs for the sheer fun of living (and for the great natural flush it gives your skin). Flip your hair around and play with it with your fingers, just like your sister does all day (hint: that's how she gets her incredible texture). Bonus points if you hang upside down from something.

Image: Elena Kratovich/Fotolia