The Rihanna "Work" Video Is Really Steamy

Friends, it's time. I know you've all been waiting for ages, dealing with the teasers and the hints that Rihanna's "Work" video was on its way into your hands. But, finally, Rihanna has released the "Work" music video, and oh my god is it good. A celebration of Caribbean culture, this seven minute and 34 second video is so long because it's so much more than one long homage to Rihanna's roots. It's that long because it's actually two videos in one.

The first is set in a dark bar with one hell of a party going on, showing off all of the things that make the Caribbean amazing. There are even some mouth-watering close-ups of Caribbean food grilling in the back corner. But the second half of the YouTube clip is a completely different video, complete with a new title page and everything. Taking place in a more intimate setting, there's just Rihanna and Drake in a small apartment, and, man is it glorious.

I'm personally a fan of the two-for-one video release, for obvious reasons. You get twice as much Rihanna and Drake for the same amount of song, which you will never hear me complain about. Plus, there's also so much that can be read into putting these two stylistically different videos side-by-side. Is it saying something about public vs. private life? Is it saying something about Rihanna's roots compared with her current life? Whatever the message is, I'm totally loving Rihanna for using her creative license with a vengeance to set the Internet ablaze with love and adoration for her amazing two-for-one talent.

Check out the video below.

Image: RihannaVEVO/YouTube