We've Got An Exciting Super Bowl Guest For You

The Superbowl is filled with many wonders — gazillions of dollars in ads, Bruno Mars doin' his thang onstage at halftime, a post-Superbowl episode of New Girl, some good old-fashioned football. Also puppies. Most exciting of all, though? Katie Aselton will be livetweeting the Superbowl — for us.

That's right, Katie Aselton — star of The League and director/writer/star of Black Rock and The Freebie — will be livetweeting the entire game from Bustle's twitter account. We're kind of really excited about it.

So what are some reasons you should follow along? Well, for one, she's Katie Aselton, and she's great. She's hilarious, and insightful, and will probably say some cool things. It's also, you know, kinda-sorta relevant to the show she stars on, which may or may not (spoiler alert: may) center around a fantasy football league. So she probably knows her stuff, is what I'm saying.

Listen, just watch her livetweet, you know? Do I really need to send more time convincing you? If you were not automatically convinced upon seeing the words "Katie Aselton" and "Livetweet" and "Superbowl" I just don't know what to do with you.

You can follow @Bustle to stay clued in to all the awesome that will be soon be occurring.