14 "Work" Memes & Jokes That Will Make You LOL

Rihanna didn't just release one music video for her song "Work," she released two. And, in response, the Internet is going crazy. Between Rihanna's crazy dance moves, her chemistry with Drake, and her NSFW outfit, this music video has everything. Within the video's full seven and a half minutes, it goes from a party to private show, and you just find yourself watching both videos over and over again. However, the Internet obsessing over Rihanna's crazy two music video drop is just the first part of the craze. The second part is the jokes. Honestly, the music video can't really be considered successful if it doesn't produce "Work" memes and jokes for fans to enjoy.

Rihanna and Drake fans have absolutely no chill. They took to Twitter to share their reactions to the video, crazy mash-ups, lyric rewrites, and more. Some of the jokes were spot on, directly referencing something you might have been thinking while watching the video. Other jokes... Well, here's to hoping you can get the comparisons out of your mind after you see them. But, personally, these jokes just make me love the music video even more, and I'm sure you'll all feel the same way once you read them.

1. These Initial Reactions To The Video

Say goodbye to the ability to contain your emotions.

2. Twerking Is Inevitable

Watching this music video and sitting still is just way too complicated of a task.

3. The Struggle Is Real

Unfortunately, we can't all be Rihanna.

4. Rihanna's Look Is Just Too Accurate

It couldn't have been explained any better. Rihanna is fighting off all of the Drake fans.

5. How We All Feel Clicking On The Video At Work

This video needs some serious NSFW warnings, even though it's titled "Work."

6. The Need To Bust A Move Is Eminent

No matter where you are, what you're doing, or what you're wearing, the second you watch the "Work" music video, it is all over. It's time to dance.

7. This Explains The Success Of Mark Zuckerberg's Virtual Reality

Obviously, Rihanna was involved.

8. Yep, Someone Went There

It's Rihanna's "Work" music video, Mean Girls edition. Honestly, I can't believe how perfectly this matches up.

9. Pretty Sure This Was Rihanna's Exact Mindset

Seriously, what better day to release her new video, right?

10. Questioning Drake's Motives

Can you blame him, though? And I'm pretty sure the same excuse holds for RiRi.

11. Things Even Went A Bit Too Far

Yeah, these memes are really not holding back.

12. This Mash-Up Works Way Too Well

As disturbing as it might be, there's still no denying its accuracy.

13. Everyone Trying To Sing Along

As much as I love Rihanna and am feeling this song, singing along isn't as easy as I would've liked it to be.

14. Miss Piggy Gets It

Now I need to see a video reenactment with Miss. Piggy and Kermit. Not going to lie.

And, with that, now it's time to watch the "Work" music video again. Actually, when is it not time to watch the "Work" music video again?

Images: RihannaVEVO/YouTube