11 Little Ways To Build Your Body Confidence

by Gina Jones 2

Being body positive takes time, energy, missteps, and patience. From my experiences, you don't just decide to be body positive one day, only for it to happen instantly. There are little steps to becoming body positive that you'll usually have to experiment with, intermixed with big ones. And trust me, there are a lot of stumbles along the way. Eventually you'll get there, I promise, but each journey is different and challenges us in unique ways.

Whether you're just beginning, you've been "just beginning" for a while now, or you're a seasoned body positive activist, it's always handy to have a list that can help remind you of the small things you could be doing to make body positivity easier for yourself. It's a hard enough journey as it is, so picking up tips for body confidence and self love wherever you can find them is a must.

Often, our lives are way too busy to leave any time for focusing on loving ourselves (our busy lifestyles is why ready meals and click bait were invented, after all). So the simpler the methods of indoctrinating ourselves into the world of self love, the better. I don't say that entirely because I'm a lazy Millennial (although I am), but because tackling issues often and in small doses is usually easier than tackling an entire problem at once. Here are some small ways to build body confidence that I've found particularly useful.

1. Tell Yourself Off For Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are going to occur. It's inevitable. I get them, you get them, your mom gets them, even Beyoncé probably gets them. It's kind of ridiculous to believe that you can stop them altogether. Instead, recognize when you're thinking potentially harmful things and try to remove those negative thoughts from your reality.

2. Buy Clothes That Fit Properly

Accept your clothing size. The number on my label could say 300 and I'd still wear it if it was too damn cute. Wearing clothes that fit you will stop your clothes from being uncomfortable; and being comfortable will help your confidence. It's like a science equation or something.

3. Read Through Your Selfies' Comments

Look back through your selfies on Instagram and reread any and all positive comments. Doing so will reinforce the good things you should be feeling about yourself, and leave you knowing that your friends and family felt them so much that they had to let you know.

4. Follow People Who Look Like You

If you can find beauty in those who look like you, then it's usually easier to find in yourself. When you're constantly looking at the beauty of those who you can't relate to at all, it's no wonder you sometimes start feeling less than confident.

5. Watch Things With People Who Look Like You

I definitely suggest applying this rule to your actual media as well, rather than just your social media. Watch Hairspray on repeat, or Dream Girls, or any film starring Divine. You'll feel better, trust me.

6. Take Things One Day At A Time

One bad thought can ruin your day, but try not to let it ruin your week.

7. Wear Your Favorite Outfit More

You may steer away from outfit repeating. I know I do. But if a look makes you feel good, repeat it! Nobody is going to notice but you. It's your favorite outfit for a reason, so show it off.

8. Focus On Positives Over Negatives

Don't read body shaming articles. Don't watch TV shows dedicated to mocking people's appearances. Rather, pay attention to positives only and you should find yourself becoming more positive, too.

9. Take Selfies More Often

You don't have to post them, but the more often you see your face and see it in ways that you think are pretty, the more likely you're going to feel like a queen off camera.

10. Be Naked More

Seriously. Get out of the shower and just lie on your bed naked for a little while instead of getting dressed straight away. Have sex without the comforter hiding you. Get used to your body, and you'll hopefully find it easier to love.

11. Ask For Compliments

It might sound silly, but being honest with your friends — or just your mom — can lead to them taking more care in helping build your confidence.

It's a lot easier to apply a little positive thinking into your routine than to cope with the affects of negativity for years to come. Body confidence takes time. But hopefully with these tips, it'll take a little less time.

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Image: Georgina Jones (1)