This Fashionable Cat Instagram Is Purrr-fection

Brace yourself for the cutest most glamorous thing of the day: this fashionable cat Instagram that is simply purrr-fect. The cat is called Pitzush Puss, and according to the stylish puss' bio, is "Glam Adopted, Cat Fashion Diva". The bio goes on to tell you what you'll get for following, in, of course, the voice of Pitzush, "I'll show you my daily glamorous outfits&travel destinations & you'll fall in love with me!". I can vouch for that: it's all true. Pitzush will show you a world of amazing chic cat style and you'll fall in love. If you don't, you clearly need to revisit the memo about animals dressed as humans — or maybe you're Monica Geller, in which case, carry on.

Pitzush's Instagram features the super stylist kitty in a variety of outfits and poses, and even some amazing false eyelashes from time to time. At the time of writing, Pitzush has 10,000 followers, so Pitzush is probably set to be the next Grumpy Cat (but not grumpy at all, actually quite fabulous, darling). In some more candid shots, Pitzush's human also looks to be quite the clothes horse too. You know what they say: the apple does not fall far from the tree. As Pitzush sets her sights on the catwalk, here are some of her most fashionable moments from Instagram:

1. Going For A Bike Ride

Her grey fur shining, her eyes whimsically looking for the horizon, Pitzush goes Parisian chic with a simple neck scarf and jewels. This is cat elegance at its finest.

2. In A Floral Headdress

A great fan of the legendary artist Frida Kahlo, Pitzush channels her hero while adopting an attitude of quiet reverence.

3. As The Mother Of Dragons

Pitzush loves dressing up. She's the Heidi Klum of the cat-o-sphere. For Halloween, she went as her favorite TV character, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. But if possible, with even more lucious lashes than the gorgeous Emilia Clarke.

4. With Her Human

In a rare glimpse, we get to see how fashionable Pitzush's human is too. In trendy, Rihanna style boots, she's more than worthy of being seen on the arm of Pitzush. Of course, she'll never exceed Pitzush for style, but we do love her for trying.

5. It's All In The Eyes

Bat those eyelashes, Pitzush.

6. Tickled Purple

Pitzush has been trying on gowns for her appearance at the MET Gala, but she looks so fabulous in everything it's hard for her to pick one.

7. Flora & Fauna

In a silk gown and flower hat, to those looking down from above, Pitzush resembles a magical, moving floral arrangement.

Images: Pitzush Puss/Instagram (8)