The Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials of 2014: Which Companies Scored, and Which Fumbled?

Let's be real: the Super Bowl is more about the commercials than it is about football. Okay, that's a bit of a stretch, but there's no question that those ads, no matter how good or bad, draw in millions of viewers. From Dannon to Bud Light, Super Bowl XLVIII's commercial breaks had some unquestionable hits and definitely some misses that had us feeling all types of weird.

We laughed, we cried, we said, WTF? Click on to check out the best and worst ads from this year's game.

Image: Bud Light

by Camille Bautista

Best: Dannon Oikos With Mini 'Full House' Reunion

John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier back together again. Need we say more? Our childhood dreams are fulfilled as we see the three still living together, this time with an unlimited supply of Greek yogurt.

Image: Dannon

Worst: Bud Light's 'Up for Whatever'

Hidden cameras, a bachelorette limo party, and lots of beer. But wait, there’s more: Minka Kelly, Don Cheadle with a llama named Lilly, and twins galore. Let’s not forget an awkward bewigged Arnold Schwarzenegger in a sudden-death ping-pong match. What? There’s so much going on we barely noticed the beer.

Image: Bud Light

Best: Budweiser's Puppy Love

Budweiser’s back at it again, tugging at our heartstrings with this interspecies love story. C’mon, a cute puppy, the famous Clydesdales, and Passenger’s “Let Her Go”? BRB, heart exploding.

Image: Budweiser

Worst: James Franco As Rob Riggle

James Franco as Rob Riggle in Ford’s Fusion Hybrid commercial had us both intrigued and perplexed, but mostly confused. There were fireworks, flamingoes, and fighter jets. We’re not really sure what’s going on… something to do with cars? And a tiger? Maybe Franco can detail the hidden meaning for us in a new book.

Image: Ford

Best: Axe Makes Love, Not War

We’ve been forced to ogle our fair share of scantily clad women in ads past and present from Axe, but this one from the company takes a different approach with global context and real-life issues. “Make Love, Not War” is beautifully shot and sells more than just sex. How refreshing. Thanks, Axe.

Image: Axe

Worst: Fox Sports Live

No thanks, Fox Sports. Though the network is streaming the Super Bowl in all its glory, the company’s own commercials are pretty cringeworthy. Titled, “You’re Welcome America,” the ad looks like something out of Anchorman . Fox anchor duo Jay and Dan don coats only Joe Natham would be proud of while introducing team members who are disguised as ferns and walk though walls. Uh, okay.

Image: Fox Sports

Best: Radio Shack Leaves the '80s Behind

It’s about time: Radio Shack’s getting a makeover. In a world of Amazons and Best Buys, Radio Shack has lost its relevance. (What’s a radio?) But the electronic retailer is trying to make a comeback, with the help of '80s stars like Hulk Hogan and Eric Estrada who invade the shop to make room for a new and improved look. Pop culture references EVERYWHERE.

Image: Radio Shack

Worst: Butterfinger Needs Couple's Therapy

Nestle gets a little kinky with this year’s Butterfinger commercial featuring a candy bar threesome. Can we just dwell on that for a second? A menage a trois for all of America to see. While there was no nudity, things were certainly awkward as Peanut Butter and Chocolate’s couple’s therapy session gets crashed by Butterfinger in an attempt to spice things up. We’ll pass on laying a finger on this Butterfinger.

Image: Butterfinger

Best: Microsoft's 'Empowering' Is a Tearjerker

If this didn’t bring a tear to your eye, you don’t have a heart. Microsoft reminds people why its software is so important and highlights the changes the tech giant has helped bring to the world. The Super Bowl ad features former NFL safety Steve Gleason whose ALS has taken his ability to speak, along with some heartwarming, familiar scenes: a woman hearing herself for the first time and a 97-year-old man creating art with Microsoft Paint.

Image: Microsoft

Worst: Quvenzhané Wallis Supports Maserati

We’re sure there’s some deep, worldly meaning behind Maserati’s Super Bowl spot, but it’s just confusing. The ad features Beasts of a Southern Wild’s Quvenzhané Wallis, narrating what’s supposed to be “a tale of hard work, dedication, and an element of surprise, brought to life.” The young Oscar nominee and the luxury car brand are an unlikely pair, to say the least.

Image: Maserati

Best: Hyundai's Dad Saves the Day

Hyundai’s here to replace your dad. But really, the car company’s touching commercial shows us the love of a father who repeatedly rescues his accident-prone son, who seems to always be on the edge of disaster. You might want to just teach him to pay attention. Either way, the commercial has all the feels, especially with Bruno Mars singing in the background.

Image: Hyundai

Worst: Scarlett Johansson Falls Flat With SodaStream

Scarlett Johansson is a bombshell, no doubt about it, but even the actress’ sultry looks couldn’t save this SodaStream commercial. ScarJo stirred up a great deal of controversy with her brand affiliation, but the ad in itself is so bland. Maybe the original version could’ve saved it with the jab at Coke and Pepsi, however, nothing about the aired Super Bowl ad makes soda exciting. Should’ve had Scarlett as Black Widow!

Image: SodaStream