DNC Releases Superbowl Attack Ad on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

Just when we thought Chris Christie's week couldn't possibly get any worse, the Democratic National Committee released a Super Bowl- themed attack ad on the New Jersey governor, poking fun at the Bridgegate scandal and his likely-to-be doomed 2016 possible presidential run.

The embattled governor, who'll be attending the Super Bowl today, has of course repeatedly denied having any knowledge that his aides caused the life-threatening lane-closures in Fort Lee, N.J. in a game of political retribution. Recently, he's also been accused of using Sandy funds as political slush money, and, only yesterday, it was revealed he may have willfully delayed implementing a law that would have made sure the aid money was properly used.

Adding fuel to the already-burning controversy, on Saturday, the New Jersey governor’s political team sent an odd email to donors and columnists, bashing David Wildstein, the former Port Authority official at the center of the Bridgegate controversy, and the New York Times, who on Friday published Wildstein’s allegations that Christie knew of the bridge closures at the time. Far from helping the governor's case, the email seems to have just cemented the governor's position as bully.

The online ad opens with "THE BIG GAME IS ABOUT TO BEGIN. A RISING STAR SHOWS PROMISE," moving to a shot of Christie during an Election Day 2013 victory speech, telling his supporters: "Maybe the folks in DC should tune in their T.V.s right now and see how it's done." More writing then comes up on screen — “THEY SAY HE IS UNSTOPPABLE. UNLESS HE CHOKES” — after which the shot switches to a television news report on Wildstein's allegations that Christie knew of the closures at the time.

Have a look at the ad below: