'The Force Awakens' Will Be On Netflix... One Day

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was, without a doubt, one of the biggest films of 2015. It helped close out the year with record-breaking box office numbers and it brought a new hope to fans of the decades-long franchise. But now, aside from the torturous wait for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, coming out December 16, 2016, and Star Wars: Episode VIII set to hit theaters on December 15, 2017, fans also need to wait for one more thing: The day they can stream Episode VII on Netflix. And when will Star Wars: The Force Awakens be on Netflix? Well, um, eventually.

As of right now, The Force Awakens is still available for you to go see in select theaters. However, as soon as the box office is done adding to its record-breaking numbers, that's when the real battle is going to begin. Bringing a galaxy from far, far away into the comfort of your own home is not only a feat on the radar for movie-streaming giant, Netflix, but it's also something that has been in the sights of multiple streaming platforms for a while, and their contracts with Walt Disney Pictures allow them to snag up the opportunity before Netflix can get their hands on it. Or, at least, before they can get their hands on it in the United States.

That's right. As of right now, the only territory where Netflix has been able to assure The Force Awakens will be streaming is in Canada. In conjunction with Disney's latest television streaming deals, the priority service for which Episode VII is going to be given its exclusive television release is through the Starz channel. And, in response, the United States Netflix subscribers won't have access to the blockbuster hit until further, unknown notice — while Canada subscribers just have to wait until approximately eight months after the film has finally left theaters.

However, there is still an ounce of hope for those in the United States. According to the deal penned between Disney and Netflix in 2012, all theatrical releases from 2016 moving forward will hit Netflix before hitting any other platform during its television market time period. Therefore, Netflix fans have no need to fear when it comes to the future of new Star Wars film releases. I guess that's one thing to be excited about, right?

But, as of right now, the seventh installment has been rumored — but not officially confirmed — to have it's Blu-Ray and DVD release on April 5. Heading to theaters to see it immediately is still an option as well. Otherwise, pre-ordering the film on iTunes, Amazon, and other Blu-Ray and DVD release websites with no clue as to when you'll actually receive it is on the table. And if you've got your sights only set on Netflix? Moving to Canada or relying on Starz instead seem to be your ideal strategies at this point. May the Force be with us all during this especially trying time.

Images: Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Studios; Giphy