Jillian Michaels & Chloe Are 'Just Jillian' BFFs

If you’ve been watching the new reality show Just Jillian on E!, you’ve been getting to see former Biggest Loser fitness guru Jillian Michaels in a new light, as a mother, partner, and friend. The reality series, which spotlights Michaels and her family, shows what it’s really like in the Michaels/Rhoades household. In addition to the couple and their children, the house is busy with people like Chloe Francke. But, who is Chloe from Just Jillian?

Chloe has already been a source of fun on the show. Jillian tried to set her up with a young hunk in a bar (which Chloe did not enjoy) and Jillian was unhappy when Giancarlo Chersich (another member of the Michaels extended household) left Chloe in charge while he was away. If you watch the show, you’ve figured out that Francke is Michaels’ hair stylist, friend, confidant, and so much more.

But, who is Chloe? In addition to being part of the Michaels and Heidi Rhoades entourage and part of the new reality series, Chloe is pretty busy. Here are all of the things to know about the New Yorker turned California hair stylist other than her role on Just Jillian.

Her Brand Is Called Pretty B*tches

Her brand as a stylist and (Instagram name) is Pretty B*tches by Chloe.

She Has A Beauty Vlog

Chloe has a vlog where she talks about everything from her life to beauty tips.

She’s A Mom

In this Instagram post, she says she is a single mom with two kids. She doesn't post about them much online, though.

She & Jillian Love To Have Fun

And, their dynamic is hilarious

Her Instagram Is Full Of Enviable Products

As a beauty guru, her Instagram is full of must-have beauty products.

She's Already A Fan Favorite

Well, according to an informal poll. But, I can't wait to see what else is in store for Chloe on Just Jillian!

Image: E!