13 Excuses To Stay In With Pizza & A Movie

A friend that tries to guilt-trip you into going out is no friend of yours. There will always be nights when the couch is calling your name, and a pizza in your oven will be more enticing than anything the outside world can offer. In times like these, you should remember that you are your own person; a person who might think "I'd rather hang out with pizza than hang out with you" but should say "I'm just not feeling it tonight." In other words, you don't have to go to that party, but is there is a way to avoid going out without looking like a recluse (or a garbage friend)? What if you actually want to see your friends?

The answer is to bring everyone to you. Staying in doesn't have to mean being antisocial. It might take some coaxing, but you can win your friends' hearts and minds with fresh-baked pizza and on-demand movies. If the idea of having people over seems daunting, remember that you won't have to change into real pants, and that frozen pizza is one of the most easy-to-make, crowd-pleasing meals in existence.

Still having trouble with your persuasive skills? We've partnered with DIGIORNO Pizza to provide you with 13 ready-to-go excuses for why you should stay in tonight.

1. "I'm Waiting On A Very Important Phone Call."

Of course, your friends don't have to know that the pizza isn't delivery. The pizza will be in the oven the whole time. Warm. Crusty. Waiting.

2. "I'm Trying To Save Money."

...by making pizza at home and "borrowing" a Netflix password from your parents. Since you're not just frugal but charitable, you're sharing both of these things with your wonderful friends! (Note: "I'm broke" is a perfectly valid excuse to flake on most plans.)

3. "I Just Started Seeing Someone, Actually..."

It's high time that your friends meet your most significant other.

4. "I'm Trying To Catch Up On Work."

Who decides what "work" is, anyway? Your job doesn't define you, and perhaps staying in is the mental and emotional "work" you need to be truly human.

5. "The Outside World Can Be Disappointing, & We Really Shouldn't Risk It."

Cold delivery pizza. A two-hour wait at a new "it" restaurant. That feeling when you've *just* missed the last train home. When you ask things of the outside world, you may be disappointed. Best to take matters into your own hands — and your own home.

6. "It's SO Annoying, But I'm Waiting For A Package."

"At night?" they ask. Yes, at night. This is a bit of a lie, because the "package" is pizza, and it's been in your freezer for the past week.

7. "I Actually Just Put Dinner In The Oven."

Again, your friends don't have to know that an Original Rising Crust will be done in 25 minutes, leaving the rest of the night technically "free." You will have already lured them to your home and bribed them with pizza, so no one will be in the mood to venture out.

8. "I Already Have A Plan With Other 'Friends'... But You Should Join!"

Who knows how much longer Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross, and Phoebe will be on Netflix? You can't let them down.

9. "My Dog Really Needs Me Right Now."


10. "I Have A Lot Of Feelings To Sort Through."

This can only be accomplished through the perfect pairing of The Notebook and pizza.

11. "I Have Nothing To Wear."

Somehow you haven't figured out how to make the above happen IRL. And you'll stay in until you achieve the aesthetic you want — and deserve.

12. "I'm Just Having A Quiet Night In."

You know how celebrities like to say they "hate going out" and are really into "pizza and sweatpants" despite the fact that their lives are WAY more exciting than that? That's you right now. You're basically famous, so gather your squad for that #GirlsNightIn Instagram.

And, if all else fails, there's always...

13. "I Just... Don't Want To Go Out."

Sometimes you need to stay in and eat pizza. There is nothing wrong with that, and any real friend will understand (and grab a slice).

This post is sponsored by DIGIORNO Pizza, which isn't the only friend you need, but probably one of the best you'll ever have. Don't worry; we won't tell your BFF.