Meghan Trainor's New Single "No" Could Be Her Biggest Hit Yet

Brace yourselves, pop music lovers: Meghan Trainor's new single, "No," is set to arrive soon — and it could be her biggest hit yet! After dropping hints on social media for a couple weeks, Trainor officially announced "No" at the beginning of February during an interview with Fuse. The 22-year-old singer revealed that the song, which serves as the lead single from her upcoming sophomore album, Thank You , will arrive "at the beginning of March." "It's a big anthem for ladies about telling a dude, 'Nah, I’m good—I'm out here on my own, and I'm good with it,'" the "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" hit-maker said. "The scene is me in a club, and the dude comes up to me and I go, 'No no no. I don't need your hands all over me. I'm good. I'm gonna dance on my own with my girls.'"

With the premiere of "No" drawing closer, Trainor has begun to tease its lyrics online. "My name is #NO my sign is #NO my number is NO," she tweeted on Monday afternoon. As I wrote earlier this month, it certainly seems as though the tune will appeal to fans of Trainor's breakout hit, "All About That Bass," which also features themes of empowerment. However, I think "No" actually has the potential to surpass "Bass" in terms of overall success.

Why? First of all, Trainor won Best New Artist at the 2016 Grammy Awards last Monday, so I suspect interest in her career is at an all-time high. If you didn't know Meghan Trainor's name before Mon., Feb. 15 (which seems impossible, I know, but trust me... these people exist), chances are you do now. In other words, this is the perfect moment for the Massachusetts native to put out new music.

(Side note: Purveyors of top 40 pop don't typically have trouble getting nominated for Best New Artist — but winning the award is another story entirely (just ask Justin Bieber). This year's category was stacked, featuring much-heralded newcomers like Tori Kelly, James Bay, and Courtney Barnett, and Trainor still managed to emerge victorious. Clearly, she's already quite well-respected within the music industry.)

Second of all, in 2016, I'm willing to bet we're having more open and honest conversations about issues like sexual assault and consent than ever before. Therefore, I think a pop song that, according to Trainor's description, celebrates a woman's right to say "no" could really strike a chord with the general public. Based on the details we have so far, "No" seems like it could be more than just a catchy, vaguely empowering pop ditty. And that, I think, could allow it replace "Bass" as Trainor's signature song.

Of course, much of this is speculation — but we shouldn't have to wait too long to be able to evaluate the song for ourselves. Hopefully, "No" will debut in just a few weeks.

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