Kurt Russell's Super Bowl Appearance was His Weirdest Role Yet

Kurt Russell introduced the two Super Bowl teams which was obviously the most logical choice. Russell is known for his football expetrise... oh wait. No he's not. Russell has had his hand in many sports, but football was never one of them. He's well known for his career in the 1970s as a player for a minor league baseball team, and is also known for his portrayal of hockey coach Herb Brooks in the movie Miracle. In fact, hockey was so important to Russell that he moved to Canada so his son could play the sport. "There's hockey in Los Angeles but [in Canada], it's their church," Russell has said.

But despite Russell's close association with the sporting world of baseball and hockey, he was selected to make a dramatic introduction for the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos during the Super Bowl. He started with the Seahawks, building up their defensive skills and rooting them on and then switched to the Broncos, praising their scoring skills and rooting them on. So I was left at the end of his segment unsure of who he actually wants to win and wondering why on earth he was chosen. Perhaps he doesn't actually care about either team since it's not his sport and so he was chosen as the least-biased famous person for the job. Whatever the reason, it's also an odd choice even if just for the fact that as of recent Russell has faded away from the limelight. He was only in two movies in the last three years and before 2011 hadn't been in anything since 2007. The odd decision to stage a comeback during this sporting event didn't go unnoticed on Twitter.