'The Flash' Has Another Big Mystery To Solve

Alright, we need to have a talk. There are lots of confusing things going on with The Flash right now. I mean, we've got two Earths, two Barrys, two Irises, two Caitlins, two Ciscos, two Wells, and possibly even more Jay Garricks. *Long, pained sigh* Keeping track is hard. But, doppelgängers and alternate universes aside, the most confusing thing currently, is a simple mask. Seriously, I need to know: Who is the Man in the Iron Mask on The Flash, who Zoom has been holding hostage?

I have been thinking that the Man in the Iron Mask is the actual Jay Garrick. Why would I say something so ridiculous after watching Zoom reveal himself to be Jay and/or Hunter Zolomon and after killing the other Jay? Because I am confused. The guy behind bars in his cliff prison looked fairly upset about the whole thing; wouldn't you be upset if you watched yourself get killed? Or, like, your other self from a different (same?) world? I mean, just look at how sad Barry was about Earth-2 Joe dying.

Then, there's the whole incident where the Man in the Iron Mask spelled out "Jay" to Barry and Jessie in military code while they were also imprisoned. Yes, he could have been telling them that Zoom was Jay, but he also could have been revealing himself as Jay. Case in point, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, "Zoom’s identity has been revealed: He is Hunter Zolomon, a.k.a Jay Garrick.” What if there are more than two people that have Jay's face? That would be one reason to keep this man's face hidden from Barry and co. And why would The Flash bother giving Jay's doppelgänger a different name than him if it wasn't going to become significant? I'm just saying, keep your eyes peeled for more Jay Garricks... and Hunter Zolomons.

There are also fans out there theorizing another masked man entirely. Brace yourselves, because some viewers think that the Man in the Iron Mask is Earth-2 Wally West. And, others think that Hunter Zolomon and Jay Garrick are twins . Their arguments are quite compelling, especially when you consider that on Earth-1, Barry and Wally's familial relationship is finally coming to fruition. And, factor in that Kreisberg also said to EW, "Barry swore he wasn’t going to leave [the Man in the Iron Mask] behind. Something tells me Barry’s going to make good on that promise."

Well, you don't leave your brother behind, do you?

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW