Zendaya Reveals How She Ruined Her Hair

by Lindsey Rose Black

Red hot singer and former Shake It Up! star Zendaya shared some pretty surprising things at the reveal of CHI & Zendaya's #REALisBeautiful campaign. For example, Zendaya confessed that she had "ruined my hair" at one point in her life, while also offering beauty tips full of honest vulnerability. If you're not already obsessed with this sweet, sincere star and her stunner hair, prepare to be in like, two seconds.

So what's this whole CHI & Zendaya campaign about in the first place? Zendaya shares, "As someone in the limelight, it’s important for me to show the "real Zendaya" to my fans. The #REALisBEAUTIFUL campaign allows me to express myself and the styles I wear in my life while encouraging women to have fun and be confident with their look." The campaign features six distinct looks that celebrate confidence and embracing originality, and they can be seen below. Yeah, girl!

While talking about the campaign and what to expect from it, Zendaya also took questions from the crowd and shared some unexpected beauty stories and surprising body positive lessons the nineteen-year-old star has learned. This girl oozes genuine confidence, and her relatability and advice couldn't be more spot on.

1. Beauty Is An Individual Process

Zendaya says that when she was younger, she was focused on trying to style her hair to fit certain trends but didn't know how to care of her hair. She ended up admitting, "I ruined my hair ... my texture, my curl pattern ... all because I didn't know what I was doing."

Wrecking her hair put her on a path of "beauty self-discovery," and now the star is all about "living and doing things for yourself ... for you," and hopes to help other young ladies avoid that whole hair damage drama.

2. Be Fearless With Your Look

Zendaya says, "We gotta be real and do what we wanna do even if people don't like it. [Beauty is] all about empowerment, love, and expression [and] the greatest of the greats wouldn't be the greatest if they didn't try new things." #Preach

3. Trends Don't Exist

"There's no such thing as trends, [and] no such thing as style," Zendaya declares. "Do whatever you feel [because] what is cool today is not gonna be cool tomorrow." Uhm, amen.

4. Buns Are The Best

"When my hair is just not participating with me," Zendaya says, "a top knot is the only way to go."

Though I don't have that option with my current pixie cut state, I definitely followed that advice when my hair was long!

5. Your True Self Is The Most Beautiful

Zendaya's body positivity attitude was most obvious when she said, "I want to help young people find their real beauty [and] be the voice going through everything with them as a young person ... Young women [need] to know [their] true selves [are] the most beautiful!"

6. 2016 Is The Year Of "Real" Women

While talking about all her super exciting projects in the works (we can expect a shoe line and possibly an album soon!), she declared 2016 to be "the the year of real women" and how honesty and authenticity are officially in the spotlight.

Could there be a better message to kick off spring with?

Also, I need to take this moment to stop and appreciate Zendaya's #Selfie game:

K, thanks.

Images: Courtesy of CHI & Zendaya; Author's Own