New Series Of 'GOT' Posters Tease Jon Snow's Fate

by Caitlyn Callegari

You know, I was minding my business, trying to go about my morning, and Game of Thrones had to up and shatter my world before I even got to have my second cup of coffee. It's just so rude. What am I talking about, you ask as weary Game Of Thrones fan? You see, on Wednesday, the official twitter for the show released a series of Game of Thrones Season 6 promo posters. The first in the series was one of Jon Snow, and you are not going to like it. Not one bit. While news of Jon's mere presence on a promo pic at all a few months ago would have had us thanking all the gods old and new, I think we may want to backtrack on our wish. Because, this picture of Jon Snow alludes to the fact that he is, actually, dead.

Gently place down the pitchforks and blow out the torches. Easy now. Phew. OK. As evidenced in the up close and personal photo of Kit Harington's beautiful face, it looks as if Jon is being featured in the Hall of Faces. You know, that creepy ass place full of faces in the House of Black and White? Yeah, that one. The thing is, those faces are faces of the dead. So, while I'm not that good at math, I can figure out that one plus one equals a very sad two. If Jon's face is in the hall of faces... he has to be dead, right?

If you didn't catch the latest GOT Season 6 teaser trailer, this was already shown, albeit briefly... among some other characters you may not want to know about yet. But, while that teaser grazed over Jon Snow, this still shot looks all the more damning. It's kind of hard to refute something that is literally staring you in the face. Or, not actually staring, because his eyes are closed. You know what I mean.

Now, this is Game of Thrones. A show that has magic and telepathy and dragons woven into its fabric. So, while Jon Snow looks really, really dead at this point, I won't commit to that. And, there's a very practical reason why. They've been littering him all over the damn promos. Any chance they get, there's Jon Snow's face. Would they really market him as the end all and be all of the season if he was hanging out with god and his mom up in Westeros Heaven? Probably not.

Then, there's also this to consider. Jon Snow was not the only person to be shown in the Hall of Faces. Here are some of the majorly major characters (both living and dead) on the wall, as evidenced by the other promo pics:

Let's put it this way, they can't kill Jon Snow, Melisandre, Jaime Lannister, Daario Naharis, Tormund Giantsbane, and Daenerys all at once, right? There's still hope for Jon (and us) yet. I think.

Image: HBO