Bella Thorne Rocked The Most Awesome Sports Bra

When you're in the middle of the workout, you don't want anything to mess up your focus. The solution? Wear something that speaks for you. Bella Thorne wore a sports bra that not only looks great, but makes a powerful statement. Thorne's latest Instagram post might look like a normal video showing off her great lifting skills, but it's really so much more than that.

The actress wore a black and white sports bra with the words "maybe she's born with it, maybe it's none of your business" written on the front. Can I pause for a second and get an "amen" to that? Truer words have never been printed on a sports bra before!

If that seems a little bit harsh to you, no worries. The message was tempered by two tiny hearts also decorating the top, which added a cute and trendy touch to the ensemble. Thorne posted the image with the caption #positivevibes and called out the haters by saying that she knows her form isn't perfect. Progress is progress, and either way, she totally wins in the style department.

Sometimes it's best to sweat it out in clothes that say it all for you. Because when you're at the gym, you don't always have time to stop and chat.

With these workout pieces, you won't have to say a single word!

1. Warning Tank

Resting Gym Face Tank, $25,

Sometimes people look intimidating at the gym, but with this tank no one will judge you.

2. Positivity Sports Bra

Good Day Bra, $30,

Why not spread a little positivity while you're at the gym?

3. Honest Tee

My Gym Rules, $24,

If you're looking to avoid everyone, then this shirt is for you.

4. Good Vibes Bra

Feeling Good Bra, $40,

Sometimes you're just feeling yourself, and this is the perfect bra for that gym occasion.

5. Body Pos Hoodie

Body Positive Mirror Shirt, $39,

Need the sweatshirt for the perfect gym mirror pic? Look no further.

6. Bikini Body Shirt

Bikini Body Workout, $24,

Well said, shirt. Well said.

7. Good Vibes Tee

Vibe Tribe Tank, $30,

This is a nice little reminder not just for yourself, but everyone at the gym.

Now you can say it all without saying a thing!

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