15 Makeup Organizers To Fill Your Aesthetic Needs

by Gina Jones 2

I'll admit it: Most of my makeup is stored in a box. The rest is in my makeup bag, and my brushes occasionally make their way back to a cup I've designated for them. I appreciate the art of makeup organization, but I've never found a pretty makeup organizer that's made me want to bother with it. This is perhaps because I'd have to own up to still owning a lot of makeup from Claire's if I were ever to display my beauty products. I also never understood the need of having all your lipsticks lined up in a grid of plastic — until compiling this list, that is.

As the messiest Virgo who's ever existed, it's probably in my best interest to invest in one of these aesthetically-pleasing makeup organizers. Although I find the clear plastic ones boring and held onto that excuse at any opportunity, I am now void of any reason for not having perfectly organized (and clean) makeup. Plus, think about how cute it's all going to look on my Instagram.

Personally, I'm sold. Makeup has been an obsession of mine for years, and now I'm well on my way to adding makeup organization to my multifaceted list of reasons for loving the beauty industry. Take my money, makeup organizer creators, because these products are too cute not to own.

1. Vintage Drawers

Cash Box Vintage Drawer Makeup Organizer, $59,

A cute little chest of drawers is the perfect way to organize your makeup without needing to have it all on show. This vintage-style makeup organizer is perfect for hiding any makeup brands that aren't exactly Instagram-worthy.

2. Blinged Out

Blue Crystal Makeup Organizer, $50,

On the other end of the spectrum comes this blue crystal makeup organizer, which is a hell of a lot more showgirl and perfect for the glamorous queens among us.

3. Storage Bag

Colorful Storage Bag, $20,

This cute cotton makeup organizer is way more portable and a softer, simpler way to go about organizing makeup.

4. Tray Organizer

Makeup Organizer Single Tray, $10,

The aim of the game for makeup organizers isn't just organization, but showing off all your makeup. What's better than a simple tray? Especially one as gorgeous as this Etsy find.

5. Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted Makeup Organizer, $249,

If this wasn't out of my price range and I didn't live in a rented apartment, I'd definitely purchase it in a heartbeat. It's just so beautifully chic.

6. Rotating Makeup Organizer

Rotating Makeup Organizer, $44,

It rotates. What more could you want?

7. iMakeup Station

iMakeup Station, $74.95,

This is so you can Snapchat, watch tutorials, and find your makeup brushes all in one place. It's actually perfect for those whose makeup takes an hour to apply (guilty!). This way, you can fit in at least one Law & Order episode during the process.

8. Rustic Makeup Organizer

Rustic Makeup Organizer, $95,

Those beautiful wood tones will look perfect in any shabby chic-themed bedroom.

9. Vintage Vibes

Makeup Organizer, $67.75,

This ornate makeup organizer is too beautiful not to purchase, even if you don't own any makeup.

10. Satin & Lace

Purple Satin Makeup Holder, $15,

Here's another glamorous number that would look absolutely stunning hanging from your wall.

11. Pine Makeup Organizer

Pine Makeup Organizer, $59,

I especially love the little box compartment where you can hide all your beauty secrets.

12. 1970s Makeup Case

1970's Makeup Case, $260,

Treat yourself to an actual vintage solution for storing your makeup in style. Plus, nobody else will be able to cop your unique makeup organizing solution.

13. Magnetic Makeup Organizer

Magnetic Makeup Organizer, $108,

Magnets will ensure that your pallets stay in place via this super chic organizer.

14. Wooden Rustic

Rustic Wooden Makeup Organizer, $39.99,

This organizer takes "rustic" a whole new step forward.

15. Leopard Print Organizer

Leopard Print Makeup Display, $75,

What's more glamorous than leopard print? Nothing, that's what. This one's a perfect addition to any proudly tacky girl's makeup organization.

These organizers are all totally unique and can be used to perfectly organize and display your makeup. No matter the theme of your bedroom, life, or beauty, one of these will be perfect for you.

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Images: Courtesy Brands