Marijuana is Making the Broncos Lose

So, it's the fourth quarter, the Broncos are still hugely behind, and none of it makes sense: They're an excellent team. They wear orange for goodness sake, and they have Peyton Manning! What on earth could be going wrong? Why are the broncos losing the 2014 Super Bowl? Weed, that's why. According to Twitter, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, is absolutely the reason why America's number one team is failing so miserably. You don't have to take my word for it.

One tweeter wrote, "Looks like Colorado's legalization of marijuana really caught up to them! Atleast Seattle still can get the job done! haha"

Another quipped after the Bronco's first touchdown of the night: "Finally a touchdown... Unfortunately Superbowl 2014 is officially the first national tragedy due to the legalization of marijuana..."

Some even suggested a repeal of the drug, due to poor performance: "After this game Denver plans to repeal the legalization of marijuana. #SuperBowI" and "At least now we know that Denver has better weed than Seattle."

Others, well... it was more of the same: