See Kanye West's Most Outrageous Fashion Tweets

by Augusta Statz

This rapper turned designer is full of surprises. He’s talked about making the prices for his Yeezy Seasons more affordable, but his latest tweet, if it's true, could mean that his clothing would be more than just affordable. Kanye West tweeted about giving free Yeezys to the masses, but is he serious? There's no way to know for sure, but it would be pretty difficult to give free clothes and sneakers to all his fans. Of course, Kanye very well might be joking, but even if he is, this goes against what he’s previously done — you know, with his pieces costing thousands of dollars and the release of his latest album exclusively on TIDAL and whatnot. But hey, if he's giving out free goods this time around, I’ll gladly take them.

Yeezy Seasons 2 and 3 haven’t dropped yet in stores, but I’ll be on the lookout for lowered prices and free giveaways when they do. Let’s hope ‘Ye stays true to his word, because that would mean I could actually come to own some of his designs. Granted, he did spread the news in one of his infamous Twitter rants, but I’m still hoping he’s serious about this promise. I’m holding him to it, that’s for sure. Bustle has reached out to Adidas for comment regarding Kanye's recent tweets and will update this article if we receive a response.

This of course, isn’t the first time he’s spoken what he truly felt via social media, no matter how ridiculous. See one of his latest tweets as well as twelve of his most outrageous tweets about fashion, because this man’s got some strong opinions.

I'm praying this is for real. All positive vibes, you know?

1. Stealing From Design Houses

West threatens to take the Creative Director away from Balenciaga. Bold move.

2. Shoes Were Just The Beginning

This is only the beginning.

3. Groundbreaking Idea

This is even more groundbreaking than florals for spring.

4. Cryptic Inspiration

'Ye, what do you mean?

5. Everything Is Dope

Everything he creates is dope, naturally.

6. Winning At Fashion

According to him, he's mastered the fashion game.

7. Fashion Is About Expression

I actually couldn't agree with him more on this.

8. Bootleg Yeezy

Calling out the people who can't afford Yeezy... Hey, not everyone is Pablo, you know?

9. Competing Brands

West is fueled by competition.

10. Kids Line

He could be turning his sights to children's fashion.

11. Multitasking

He's a busy man, so please no one text him or ask him for anything until he's through.

12. Don't Call Him A Designer

He's not a designer. He's just a man living out his dreams.

West has some big thoughts and ideas, but that's just a typical day in the life of Pablo, I suppose.

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