'FNL' Bowl on Twitter Made the Game Worth Watching

If the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos aren't doing it for you this Super Bowl, may I turn your attention to a more interesting game being played, even if it's in our collective imaginations. Comedian Aziz Ansari is an avid Friday Night Lights fan, as everyone should be, and took to Twitter Sunday night to generate some heat around #FNLBowl2, a fictional Super Bowl match up he imagined between the Dillon Panthers and the East Dillon Lions. And Ansari's depth of knowledge and imagination surrounding America's greatest TV show does not disappoint. His tweets about the FNL bowl will make you think it's real. I mean, he's gone so far as to imagine that Jess is a first-year coach who's made it to the big dance. AMAZING.

Soon after Ansari kicked off #FNLBowl2, his followers and fellow FNL-obsessives caught on. Everyone contributed with their most-hilarious Dillon and East Dillon references and no character went ignored. From Jason Street to Matt Saracen to Tim Riggins, Coach Taylor, Tami T., Tyra, Buddy Garrity and many, many more, all of your favorite TV best friends were given storylines in the FNL bowl.

While the Broncos were busy sucking, Street (6!) had regained use of his legs and was leading the Panthers to victory. Told you the FNL bowl was way more interesting than this "real" game played by actual human beings.

Check out how Friday Night Lights fans painted the very vivid picture of an FNL bowl:

It all started with:

And this:

And then the fans took off:

Ansari's FNL bowl-mate Paul Scheer gave a riveting review of Jess's coaching skills:

Last but not least, his guy sums it all up rather nicely when he says:

Image: NBC