You've Been Closing Chip Bags The Wrong Way

by Kat George
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You've been closing chip bags wrong your whole life, and thanks to this neat video, you can learn the right way to close a chip bag instead of continuing your life of being the dope who closes chip bags wrong. Learn the right way and be superior to all your friends! Be the life of the party as you tell others they're wrong and teach them the proper way to close a chip bag! Jokes aside, this is actually pretty cool. Being a "Monica," I'm pretty into doing everything in the neatest, most efficient way possible, and if someone's got a suggestion for closing chip bags in such a manner as to keep the freshness in and the crumbs from falling out, I'm all ears.

The video comes courtesy of PureWow, and is very important if you're the sort of person who is capable of portion control of their chips. I'm mostly a failure at eating only "some" chips as opposed to "all" chips, but on the rare occasion where I do need to store unfinished chips, I will be trying out this neat folding trick. Normally I would just tie an elastic band around the bag, but that can crush the chips inside leaving me with a bag of chip dust (not terrible, but not ideal), but this origami-like trick is neat, pretty, and will protect the integrity of the chips inside. Here's how you do it:

1. Get The Air Out

The first step is to flatten out the top of the chip bag to make sure all the excess air comes out.

2. Fold It Down

From the top, fold the bag over three times. The folds don't seem to need to reach down to the chip line, but should be enough to close the opening and keep air from getting in.

3. Now Fold The Ends Towards The Centre

This is where the art of folding starts to really come into play. Imagine you're making something like a cootie catcher or if you want to feel really wild, a paper swan. Take the corners of the chip bag and fold them in. It helps if you have a really nice manicure.

4. Then Flip The Top In

That kind of sounds like a sex act, but I promise it's not. Basically you flip the fold you made at the top over the ends, kind of like one of those inside-out pony tails that were hot in the early '90s for girls.

5. Now Hold The Bag Upside Down And Wiggle It To Show Everyone How Clever You Are!

Watch the full video below, and learn how to fold chip bags like a pro:

Images: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images; YouTube (5)