5 Twitter Accounts for Indulging In All Things Wordy

You know how it goes. One minute you seem totally normal, and the next, you're using four syllable words in casual conversation, or getting unusually excited about some strange grammar construction. You've been uncloaked: You're a word nerd. And because Twitter is always like the opposite of rehab, she'll help you indulge.

1. The Oxford English Dictionary: The world's premiere source for all thing to do with the English language has fully embraced the Internet age, apparently. The dictionary's gone completely digital, and they even have a Twitter where they share awesomely bizarre Words of the Day and interesting tidbits about words you thought you knew.

2. Visual Thesaurus: These fine folks have their own spin on the old Word of the Day game, complete with commentary and lots of puns.

3. Simon Horobin: Have you ever wished you had a snarky British grammarian you could carry around in your pocket? Behold Simon Horobin, the author of Does Spelling Matter, who gleefully points out plenty of grammatical and spelling mistakes with his Twitter account.

4. The Mnemonic Dictionary: This Twitter account helpfully doesn't just give you a whole bunch of new words, but also provides links to mnemonic devices so that you might actually remember them.

5. Urban Dictionary: 'Cause language is not all about rules.

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