This Inhaler Is The Size Of A Credit Card

by Kat George

If you or someone you love is an asthma sufferer, this inhaler the size of a credit card might revolutionize the way that asthma is treated. For an asthma sufferer, having an inhaler on your person at all times is essential, and even though that can be cumbersome, it's a fact of life, the same way an Epipen is necessary for someone with a life threatening allergy. This new revelation in inhaler design, however, means that instead of having to carry your bigger, round, protruding inhaler in a pocket or your bag, you can now slide it into you wallet next to your credit and metro cards.

The Bloom Inhaler is similarly sized to a credit card, but is five times thicker, which still isn't really that thick when you consider how bulky most inhalers are. The Bloom is still in its prototype stage, and hasn't been released to the public market yet, although you can "reserve" one on Bloom's website. The inhaler will cost $40, and Bloom is hoping to have it on the market by November 2016, pending FDA approval. It also looks very sleek and chic, so bringing design elements to keeping you alive and breathing. If you're intrigued and liking this idea, here are some more things you should know about the Bloom Inhaler:

1. It's Preloaded With Up To 6 Doses Of Medication

Despite being so small, the Bloom Inhaler will be able to carry up to six doses of asthma medication. That means when it's full, you'll be set to get out and about without having to worry about your medication running out.

2. You Use Your Own Medication

The Bloom Inhaler can be loaded with your own medication, straight from your conventional inhaler. According to Bloom's site, "Bloom is compatible with any pMDI medication prescribed by your doctor."

3. It Uses The "Open Mouth Technique"

The "open mouth technique" is similar to how you would use a breath freshening spray. You open your mouth, and spritz the medication in, rather than the traditional way of putting your mouth around the inhaler and, well, inhaling. Bloom claims this is an effective method of medication delivery and that it allows the medicine to reach deep into your lungs. The plus side is if you ever have to share your inhaler you don't have to worry about cooties.

4. The Dosage Is Precise

It's not a free-for-all of spray, however. The Bloom Inhaler releases the exact amount of dosage required when you pull the trigger.

5. It's Infinitely Refillable

The Bloom Inhaler is also eco-friendly, as it's infinitely refillable (although you'll be needing to fill it from the tube in your own medication, so I guess it's not all good news). Bloom's site also assures that "Bloom has a leak-proof hermetic seal to ensure no medication is wasted."

Images: Bloom (6)