6 Reasons To Have A Kickass One-Night Stand Tonight. Or Today. ASAP, Really.

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A quick reminder: you never need an excuse to have a one-night stand. Really, you don't. Hot, sweaty, decidedly unfamiliar, potentially weird, orgasm-inducing — or just as likely, fake-orgasm-inducing — sex with a stranger is your right and privilege as a single lady, lady! Or even as a lady in an enviably permissive relationship (P.S. props).

So, no, you don't need the slideshow of get-some excuses I'm about to drop for you — but if it gets you out of the house, why the hell not, right? Click through for six unnecessary but utterly valid reasons to go forth and have a one-nighter IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner.

Image: Alex/Flickr

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