Is That You, Miley?

Miley Cyrus took a turn for the bleached on W's March cover, and is even more raw inside the magazine. Cyrus is pictured with her hair slicked down, eyebrows bleached, and a nipple showing — but her interview is one of her most honest and refreshing to date. In her W interview, Miley Cyrus sounds off about her personal style, what her parents taught her, and how she wouldn't care if anyone bought her album, Bangerz — showing that she isn't fazed by much in the celebrity world and takes it all in stride.

I never had, like, a nanny that took care of me. My mom always fed me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My dad, like, he’s the most trusting human in the world. He trusts everybody, basically, until they f**k him over, Cyrus says. And my mom, too, holds no grudges. She’ll let someone, like, fu*k her over twice, and then she’ll let it go, and then she kind of forgets about it. And I used to be like that. And now I just keep it in the back of my mind.

Cyrus is also not trying to conform to what people think she should look like and dress like, speaking about having short hair now when she used to wear it long.

I just don't get what half the girls are wearing. Everyone to me seems like Vanna White. I'm trying to tell girls, like, ‘F**k that. You don't have to wear makeup. You don't have to have long blonde hair and big t***ies. That's not what it's about.' It's, like, personal style. I like that I'm associated with sexuality and the kind of punk-rock shit where we just don't care, Cyrus says. Like Madonna or Blondie or Joan Jett — Jett's the one that I still get a little shaky around. She did what I did in such a crazier way. I mean, girls then weren't supposed to wear leather pants and, like, f**king rock out. And she did.

Cyrus also makes it crystal clear that she's not a Disney girl anymore.

I don’t give a s**t. I’m not Disney, where they have, like, an Asian girl, a black girl, and a white girl, to be politically correct, and, like, everyone has bright-colored T-shirts, Cyrus says. You know, it’s like, I’m not making any kind of statement. Anyone that hates on you is always below you, because they’re just jealous of what you have.

But what does she value having more than anything?

You know, I've made my money. If no one buys my album, cool. It's fine, Cyrus says. I've got a house, and I've got dogs that I love. I don't need anything else.

It's clear that "Adore You" singer couldn't be happier than where she is right now. Preach, Miley.

Image: MileyCyrus/Instagram