Troian Bellisario Has An Impassioned IG Response

If you've ever followed a celebrity's social media account, you've probably come across different kinds of spam-y comments on their images. From the "how to gain followers" ones to "make millions now," there's a spam comment-maker for almost anything you could think of. Thankfully, Troian Bellisario shut down alleged diet pill spam on her Instagram on Feb. 24. The Pretty Little Liars star has taken a very public stand against the kinds of comments that promote unhealthy weight loss to her impressionable fans, and this was a shining example of her body positivism.

As well as commenting directly to one particular Instagram account and asking them to stop advertising diet pill products on her photos, Bellisario took a screenshot of her comment and posted it to her page. She also noted that one particular account keeps changing its username to avoid being blocked, but continues to comment on her Instagram images with diet pill detox advertisements.

This isn't just about how irritating unwanted commenting can be, but about how potentially damaging the products these accounts are promoting can be. The message that comes with quick, easy, and unhealthy weight loss ads is one that can negatively and subliminally make some women feel like they should lose a bunch of weight by any means possible.

Bellisario's caption summed up her hatred for these comments and the products behind them. She wrote, "This goddamned account keeps changing its random alphanumerical handle but always keeps the same picture and continues to post spam on all my pictures. If you see any of their comments block them report them and just generally be as annoying to them as they are to us. I can't stand the fact that idiots can use my personal Instagram to promote horrible products that do NOT WORK BUT that encourage dangerous weight loss. Especially to all of my younger female fans. There's a really special place in Internet hell for you."

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I find it especially admirable that Bellisario isn't just fighting the fight on her Instagram page, but taking to the comments section of the accounts themselves to personally reach out and explain her point of view.

With many of her fans being of a young age, the actor clearly recognizes her responsibility towards these young women, and is doing what she can to help stop them from seeing harmful content. For that reason, this body positive demonstration feels incredibly important.

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As she noted, blocking spam accounts is the best thing that Internet users can do in order to help keep these toxic products from being sold on any social media site. Although many of us know not to fall for these kinds of scams, even reading body shaming, weight loss advertisements can be damaging in ways we don't always recognize. By taking the time to report these accounts, we can help make the Internet a safer place.