Ben Carson Fruit Salad Jokes Are Taking Over

by Chris Tognotti

On Thursday night, during the ever-crucial 10th installment of the Republican presidential debate show, the last-place candidate in the field let a weird turn of phrase slip that's lighting up social media ― hilarious Ben Carson fruit salad jokes are all over Twitter, laying waste to the retired neurosurgeon's creative strategy for picking a Supreme Court nominee.

Obviously, everyone's going to word something a little strangely sometimes. But Carson's campaign has been a veritable comedy of errors to this point, and it's never more apparent than when he takes to the debate stage. The sleepy vibe, the stammering, halting rhetorical style, the admittedly limited speaking times ― and that's before you get to his awkward torpedoing of the introduction to the eighth debate.

So basically, he should really be on high-alert for these sorts of slightly farcical moments. When Carson was asked how he would decide on a potential Supreme Court nominee, he replied that "the fruit salad of their life is what I will look at." Damage done, Dr. Carson ― the words "fruit salad" will now likely go down as the enduring memory of his debate performance, and that's not something you need when you're polling in fifth place out of five.

So what's the fruit salad of everyone's lives?

Needless to say, Carson's campaign is currently overrun with some pretty decent fruit jokes, puns, jibes, the whole deal. If his advisers or strategists wanted to get in on the act, they could follow suit by hurrying a nice helping to him after the debate is over ― a little cantaloupe, some apple slices, some grapes, maybe a sweet berry or two. The possibilities are endless! Unfortunately, given that Carson's campaign is in free-fall, food service might be the last thing on its mind.