Here Is Every Single Kylie Jenner Nail Polish

Her fans might be still waiting for her full makeup line, but this new product will hold everyone over until the launch. Kylie Jenner's Sinful Colors nail polishes are here and the range is all about the boldness. With such a wide range of shades, there really is something for everyone. I'm not sure what the other two collections she'll be releasing will look like, but this is definitely a fabulous and versatile start.

From the names to the bold hues, this 21-shade nail collection is so Jenner. I mean, it is called the King Kylie SinfulShades Collection after all. Filled with "precious metals and crown jewels" (aka super shiny finishes), her first of three nail collections is all about a bright yet sophisticated look. Each name is about as Jenner-ified as it get, too. Between the bright red Kween and shiny nude Kommando, you know the social media star put her personal touch on them all.

Oh, and I might mention that each shade is only $2.99. Talk about affordable! You can even pick them up right at your local Walmart. Jenner told WWD that she "wanted to do something innovative and accessible to [her] young fans," and it looks like that is exactly what she's done.

Jenner's first picks for Sinful Colors are a mix of everything from nudes to metallics. Whether you're looking to get a jump on spring colors or still perfecting your winter hues, there's something from King Kylie's collection for you. Just look at all the choices you have out of the 21 shades — not to mention the fact that she'll be coming out with 42 more!

1. Miss Majesty

Miss Majesty, Sinful Colors, $2.99

The iridescent rose shade is perfect for the spring months.

2. Da New Black

Da New Black, Sinful Colors, $2.99

The little bit of sparkle in this color makes it "da new black," obviously.

3. Knight Out

Knight Out, Sinful Colors, $2.99

Another dark shade, this slate grey hue also brings the shine.

4. On Fyre

On Fyre, Sinful Colors, $2.99

There's an orangey tint to this red polish that really makes it similar to looking at a fire.

5. Karamel

Karamel, Sinful Colors, $2.99

This is one several "nude" shades in the line, but the pinkish tone gives it a feminine touch.

6. Kalypso

Kalypso, Sinful Colors, $2.99

This is one of the brightest and boldest of the bunch.

7. Kovet

Kovet, Sinful Colors, $2.99

This white pearl polish has a bit of glimmer, making it the perfect springtime basic.

8. The Royal Me

The Royal Me, Sinful Colors, $2.99

The name pretty much says it all.

9. Karnival

Karnival, Sinful Colors, $2.99

The "K" puns keep on rolling with this dark maroon polish.

10. Minty Fresh

Minty Fresh, Sinful Colors, $2.99

I can't think of a better name for this vibrant mint green.

11. Kafé Latte

Kafé Latte, Sinful Colors, $2.99

If you're looking for a subtle but still bold nail, then this one if for you.

12. Real Regal

Kafé Latte, Sinful Colors, $2.99

You didn't think she'd make a collection with just one red shade, did you?

13. Kryptonite

Kryptonite, Sinful Colors, $2.99

If mint green isn't your color, then try out this chromatic one instead.

14. Miss Chief

Miss Chief, Sinful Colors, $2.99

Powder pink with a little bit of glitter, this one is a must for spring.

15. Slay Grey

Slay Grey, Sinful Colors, $2.99

It's all in the name.

16. Kommando

Slay Grey, Sinful Colors, $2.99

According to the site, this is one of Jenner's favorites.

17. Kween

Kween, Sinful Colors, $2.99

The third red color in the collection is a little bit more intense than the others.

18. True Kolor

True Kolor, Sinful Colors, $2.99

I'm in love with this bright blue.

19. Koko-Nuts

Koko-Nuts, Sinful Colors, $2.99

First Khloe Kardashian gets a Kylie Lip Kit named after her and now this? The other sisters must be jealous.

20. Kreme de la Kreme

Kreme de la Kreme, Sinful Colors, $2.99

Rose gold for the win!

21. Top Coat

Top Coat, Sinful Colors, $2.99

Not sure why this isn't named Top Koat to roll with the puns, but it's the perfect finish to the collection.

I can't wait to see what the next two collections have in store!

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Images: Sinful Colors (21)