Was Ramona's 'Fuller House' Dress Designed By The Olsen Twins? Let's Examine The Clues

After coming to terms with the fact that a Full House reboot was actually happening, all people could talk about was whether or not Michelle Tanner — a.k.a. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — would make a return as their full grown selves. The Olsen twins may have ultimately chosen to bow out, but that doesn't mean they would be forgotten on the show. If you've already started binge watching, you might be wondering — was Ramona's pink dress on Fuller House actually designed by the Olsen twins? The producers knew that original fans of the show would wonder what happened to little Michelle, so they were smart to bring up the character (and the actresses who played her) with some clever humor.

If you haven't yet had time to Netflix and chill, let me bring you up to speed. During the seventh episode, DJ's BFF Kimmy takes her teenage daughter, Ramona, to get her very first designer dress. "It's an Elizabeth & James by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen," Ramona proudly claims. Elizabeth & James is an Olsen-designed clothing brand, but for those of us who aren't so fashion savvy, the show literally spells out their names to make sure we got the reference.

Pretty cool way to tie the Olsens into the show, IMO, but after seeing the actual garment, I was skeptical about whether it was actually a part of their apparel collection, or if the show was just poking a little fun.

"At these prices, no wonder they don't need to act anymore," Kimmy adds. OK, that was definitely some purposeful shade thrown at the Olsen twins. LOL.

The bubblegum pink skater-style dress is very different from the typical aesthetic of the twins' brand, which is much more modern and uptown-chic, however, I was surprised to learn that the dress actually does appear to be from the Elizabeth & James brand. It appears to be the Clarissa style, which is still available to purchase in several vibrant shades (although not the pink one pictured on the show).

Clarissa Dress, $143, revolveclothing.com

The pink version of the dress dress doesn't appear to be available at any online retailers that carry Elizabeth & James, so it's likely that it was from a pervious season.

UPDATE: A previous version of the article incorrectly stated that the dress wasn't part of the Elizabeth & James line. Bustle regrets this error.

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