9 Pairs Of Cute Leggings For Spring

It's officially time to ditch your clunky pants in favor of comfy, fashionable leggings this spring. As the weather gets a bit warmer, and the sun begins to shine a bit brighter, it's time to transition our clothes from stiff and uncomfortable to light and lively. What better way to do this than with super comfortable leggings? Their a key piece in any lazy girl's collection, however, they can also work for any budding fashionista. When it comes to making leggings fashionable, it's all in the details. By layering sleek accessories and complementary tops, you can take your standard legging from traditional to completely unique.

When it comes to spring fashion, it's all about letting loose. It's the perfect time of year to add a bit of fun and color back into your wardrobe. After months of wearing dark colors and thick layers, it's time for all of us to revitalize our clothing options. By adding fun, funky leggings into your clothing rotation, you can liven up your wardrobe and adding a bit of intrigue to your everyday apparel. So, go ahead, and ditch your pants. It's the trendiest thing you can do. Here are nine pairs of cute leggings that you should rock this spring.

1. Edgy Florals

Leggings, $89, Urban Outfitters

I love how these leggings pair a feminine floral print over a sleek black fabric. It's an edgy way to upgrade traditional springtime florals.

2. Sassy In Suede

Leggings, $60, Express

Keep warm on chilly mornings with these luxe suede leggings. Pair with a floaty top and fun accessories for the perfect springtime outfit.

3. Seeing Stars

Leggings, $48, Nordstrom

Add intrigue to your outfit by incorporating simple prints. I love these pants as the print is super simple, yet super chic.

4. Coming Up Roses

Leggings, $8, Forever 21

Aren't these leggings just super fun? Rock these cool pants with an oversized top and sleek booties for an edgy, everyday look.

5. Kaleidoscope Eyes

Leggings, $42, The Limited

Meet your new favorite leggings. With such a intricate, yet mature print, you can wear these bottoms with practically anything.

6. Coachella Cuties

Leggings, $45, Forever 21

With all of your favorite music festivals just around the corner, it's time to stock up on psychedelic clothing options.

7. Racy Laces

Leggings, $16, ASOS

Channel your inner punk rock princess with these fresh-to-death leggings.

8. Stripe It Down

Leggings, $31, ASOS

While these may not seem like the most springtime-esque leggings, hear me out. Imagine these sick leggings paired with a denim shirt, floppy hat, and sneakers. See? They'd totally work!

9. Crushed Velvet

Leggings, $68, Free People

BRB, buying these immediately.

That solves it. Pants are totally out for spring 2016.

Images: Courtesy Brands