Is The Adidas Jacket Debate Real?

It was exactly a year ago today that the biggest fashion debate of our time broke the internet and divided the public into two teams: Blue & Black versus White & Gold. I am, of course, talking about The Great Dress Debate, and it seems people are still not over the rivalry because a new fashion debate is now taking over social media. According to Buzzfeed, people are throwing down over the colors of this Adidas jacket, begging the question — is #TheJacket the new #TheDress?

It all started with a Tumblr post explaining a friendly disagreement about the colors of an Adidas jacket, which some people see as white and blue while others claim to be black and brown. What started as an innocent post, though, obviously blew up into a full-on Twitterverse war dividing the world once again, exactly the same way #TheDress did just a year ago. This unfortunate "coincidence" has got me wondering whether this whole Adidas jacket debate is actually for real, because it sure sounds a lot like a hoax.

Let's back up for a minute and really think about this. What are the chances that the exact same argument over the colors of a garment would surface on the exact same day as "The Dress" did? It's as if this Tumblr user strategically planned the timing of the post because it was clear it would cause an uproar. Or perhaps people are just itching for a great new fashion debate because they miss all the drama? Either way I really don't understand what all the fighting is about because the jacket is CLEARLY BLACK AND BROWN.

I'm obviously not the only one that isn't falling for this jacket controversy trap, because people are tweeting up a storm about their suspicions.


I repeat, this is NOT another #TheDress.

It's so not a coincidence.

That's exactly what this is — a conspiracy.

Image: BuzzFeed/Twitter (1)