7 Ways To Fix Dry, Cracked Cuticles

by Emily McClure
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One of the worst winter skin issues that we all face is dry, cracked cuticles. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also be pretty painful. Cracked, peeling skin is never fun to death. It's also a total bummer for those of us who want show off our fierce manicures. But what causes our cuticles to become so dried out? Well, it actually stems from multiple factors. During the winter, cold weather coupled with dry indoor heat as well as several possible internal factors can contribute to your less-than-stellar nail beds. While may seem like a no-win situation, there are actually a few different ways to heal your dry cuticles.

When it comes to solving a skin care issue, always make sure that your body is properly hydrated. If the body doesn't have enough water or moisture, it can act out in many not-so-cute ways (read: cracked cuticles). So, in order to get the ball rolling, make sure that your drinking enough water to keep your body functioning at its highest level. From there, try to address any factors that may be causing the dryness. If you're using a hand cream that isn't really working, ditch it. Why worsen the problem if you don't have too? Wondering what else you can do to heal your hands? Here are seven ways to soothe dry, cracked cuticles.

1. Neosporin + Bandages

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According to blogger Nicole Quinn, apply neosporin to your cuticles, and then covering them with bandages is an easy fix for cracked, peeling skin. The blogger recommended to treat these peeling areas as an injury, and fight off any harmful bacteria by covering them with a healing ointment.

2. Steam + Oil

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According to Self, the best time to apply your cuticle oil is after you shower. The steam and water help to soften the cuticles, which allows the nail oil to penetrate the skin even further.

3. Avoid Cutting

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As a standard rule of thumb (pardon the pun), cuticles don't like to be cut. In fact, WebMd reported that cut cuticles are more likely to fracture and slip. Keep your cuticles looking and feeling their best by putting down the scissors.

4. Use Gloves

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When it comes to washing dishes or submerging your hands in water, reach for a pair of vinyl or rubber gloves beforehand. WebMD reported that water can be very drying on your hands, and cause your cuticles further problems. So, make sure to glove up before cleaning your dirty dishes.

5. Coconut Oil

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If you're looking for a more natural way to soften and soothe your cuticles, then consider reaching for coconut oil. This natural moisturizer is perfect for restoring dry hands and parched nail beds, according to

6. Take Your Vitamins

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Cracked cuticles may be a sign of a vitamin deficiency, according to Reverse this problem by eating more foods with zinc and vitamin E like spinach, salmon, and other seafoods.

7. Soak In Olive Oil

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When it comes to healing cracked cuticles, makeup artist Bobbi Brown has the ultimate fix. According to Brown, soak your hands in warm olive oil for five minutes, while making sure to massage the oil into your finger tips. The oil will act as a moisturizer for the dry skin, and will help to heal your cracked cuticles.

Don't be embarrassed by your cracked cuticles any longer! Kick your dry skin to the curb by learning how to properly care for your hands.

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